Cloudera Quickstart Vm Download For Windows

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Prerequisite: At least 12GB+ RAM (i.e. 4GB+ for operating system & 8GB+ for Cloudera), although 16 GB+ is preferred. 80GB Hard Disk.Cloudera runs on CentOS, which is the community edition of the Linux.Windows system must support 64-bit. This post is obsolete with the newer version of Cloudera. Install VMWare for Windows. Step 1: Download the VMWare. Hi Friends Download and Install Cloudera VM in VirtualBox. In this video you will learn how to download and install cloudera VM. Install Cloudera Image if.

Start using Hadoop with Cloudera's QuickStart VMs. TheQuickStart VMs contain a single-node Apache Hadoop cluster, complete withexample data, queries, scripts.
These virtual machines make it easy to getstarted with CDH (Cloudera’s 100% open source Hadoop platform that includesImpala, Search, Spark, and more) and Cloudera Manager.

They come complete witheverything you need to learn Hadoop.The VMs run CentOS 6.4 and are availablefor VMware, VirtualBox, and KVM.


  • These are a 64-bit VMs. They requires a 64-bit host OS and a virtualization product that can support a 64-bit guest OS.
  • To use a VMware VM, you must use a player compatible with WorkStation 8.x or higher: Player 4.x or higher, ESXi 5.x or higher, or Fusion 4.x or higher. Older versions of WorkStation can be used to create a new VM using the same virtual disk (VMDK file), but some features in VMware Tools won't be available.
  • Require 4GB RAM for Virtual Machine.


Cloudera Quickstart Vm Download Free

  • Download and install latest version of VMware Player for Windows 64-bit operating systems if you are using Windows otherwise download VMware Player for Linux 64-bit Linux from link.
  • Download the latest version of Cloudera QuickStart VM with CDH 5.3 for VMware Or Download Cloudera QuickStart VM for Virtual Box.
  • You will also need 7-zip archive tool to extract files from downloaded Cloudera file, you can download from link.

For this demo, I have used VMware version ofCloudera Quickstart VM with CDH 5.3 for running on Windows 7 64 bit host OS.

Installing cloudera quick start VM on VM VirtualBox Manager

Cloudera Quickstart Vm Download For Windows Free

While i was doing installation of cloudera quick start VM on VM virtualBox manager, i did some stupid mistakes which made me spend time in fixing. so sharing some of these so that others can avoid the same.
  1. While downloading please make sure you download the software meant for your Virtual Machine like VirtualBox, KVM etc.. I was having oracle VM Virtual box but first time downloaded KVM and got errors. Correct one for oracle VM VirtualBox was VirtualBox version.

Cloudera Quickstart Vm Download For Windows 8 1

Cloudera Quickstart Vm Download For Windows 7

  1. once you connect to terminal in centOS in cloudera VM (after installing it) it logs as cloudera user and this user does not have all rights/privs on all directories of the VM. You might need to do sudo -su hive or hdfs or root - based on your needs to execute some commands.
  2. By default cloudera comes with cloudera manager and hue - which are good interface to administer the system and to see details of services, jobs, run sql in hive simply need to login as cloudera/cloudera (in version i downloaded cloudera-quickstart-vm-4.4.0-1-virtualbox).
  3. Hive metastore - for a while i struggled to find whether installation i using derby hive metastore or mysql or turned out that it was using postgres db for metastore. if you serach for hive*.xml you will see more than one version for same, so it was little confusing which is the version being used.
  4. So to find details about metastore DB - i did following
    1. go to cloudera admin console
    2. navigate to services/hive/(service-wide option in left panel)
    3. --see hive metastore database - here you will see which DB it uses...(postgres in my case) and also you can see db name and dbport number (7432 in my case)
  5. postgressql db password - to get password for hive metastore DB - you can do following
  6. username to be used is cloudera-scm
    password is available in file /var/lib/cloudera-scm-server-db/data/generated_password.txt
  7. now to connect to hive metastore
    launch pgadmin (you have to download GUI version if not available)
    server - localhost
    port - 7432 (noted in previous steps)
    databasename - as noted in previous steps