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I had not really ever tried adult coloring until after my last manic episode. My therapist introduced me to it and we did a lot of coloring page printables in group therapy.

20 Most Powerful Prayers for Overcoming Depression. Dear Lord, I pray against the negative thoughts that occupy my mind right now. I pray for a peace of mind that surrounds me and keeps me. Your word says that You go before me and will be with me; You will never leave me nor forsake me. Father, please give me the strength to not be afraid; nor. Tired manager sitting in restaurant surrounded with coffee and laptop computer having tired look, having pain, being sleepy and exhausted. Emotional stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Sometimes the stress is just too much. Contemplating businessman in the restaurant feeling sad.

Since coloring these complex mandalas, owls, flowers, quotes, and enchanted garden scenes help me to relax and practice mindfulness, I decided to curate a list of free adult coloring page printables for you! Whether you have a chronic or mental illness, I believe you will find that coloring makes a profound impact on your mood and state of mind.

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Most people color with gel pens, coptic markers, or colored pencils. Just try out different ones to get a feel on what you prefer.

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Get some encouragement from these free printable inspirational coloring pages. You should have a stash of free positive affirmation coloring pages for when you are feeling down and need something uplifting. When you live with a chronic or mental illness, using adult coloring (especially inspirational quotes coloring pages) can be a very effective self-care activity. (Get more ideas of self-care activities here)

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults (Only Quotes)

Free Inspirational Words Coloring Pages

A great way to use inspirational words coloring pages is to choose one and while you color, meditate on what that word means–especially for your own life and goals.

Here is a ✅ great dealon a Set of 30 inspirational Words Coloring Pages (each one has a relaxing mandala pattern.)


Living well with a chronic illness takes courage, hope, bravery, and a warrior mindset. Use these chronic illness adult coloring pages to encourage you on your journey. Our lives are not easy, but we all have a warrior within us. I have created the free printable adult coloring pages you see below especially for my fellow chronic illness warriors.

✅ Free Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages PDFs

Using affirmations is a self-care activity that is recommended by many therapists. It’s a great way to combat negative thought patterns and focus on the future in a positive way. The list below is a special collection of free printable positive affirmation coloring pages. If you are interested in learning more about writing your own affirmations, check out this post. You can also get a huge list of positive affirmations to say everyday here.

  • Today I choose joy.

Adult Coloring Affirmation Cards

An easy way to start using affirmations to make a positive impact in your life is to use affirmation cards that you can easily refer to throughout your day. Here are some pre-made affirmation cards to color. Or if you prefer to create your own, here is how to make simple affirmation cards.


A great (and seriously fun) self-care activity to improve your mental health is adult coloring. Coloring helps you to practice mindfulness which is another key self-care strategy. No matter what place you are with your mental health, adult coloring pages can make a positive impact on your mood and well-being.

It is an inexpensive activity (I am giving you a HUGE list of free adult printable pages) and you can be as creative with it as you want. But don’t put pressure on yourself to be creative and do this coloring thing “right.” Just pick up a crayon or color pencil and start coloring away! Enjoy these mental health coloring pages and share this post with others who you know might benefit from this relaxing activity.

Mental Health Coloring Sheets

Mental health awareness is often times the first step to getting help. And more and more people are realizing the importance of nurturing your mental health whether you are going through a hard time or you live with a mental illness. I choose to speak openly about having Bipolar 1 Disorder because I want to raise awareness that you can live with a mental health disorder but still live a full life.

Free Coloring Pages for Depression

If you are in the chasm of depression, it can seem endless and hopeless. Use these adult coloring pages to refocus your mind on finding hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

Free Printable Recovery Coloring Pages

Recovering from an illness, addiction, or a traumatic experience is not easy. You need to find sources of positivity and hope to keep on your journey to recovery. This list of adult coloring pages for recovery is a great start.

Free Printable Anxiety Coloring Pages

These coloring pages for anxiety will help you focus on being mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Adult coloring is a relaxing activity that can be a source of hope as well.

  • Your mental health matters.

✅ Can’t find the perfect coloring page? Check out this beautiful set of Mental Health Coloring Pages (Set of 30 sheets with individual mandalas.)

Did you know that Adult coloring is great for someone with depression? Check out this phenomenal Gift Guide for the Most Thoughtful Gifts for Someone with Depression

Therapeutic Mandala Adult Free Adult Coloring Pages

Depressed Quotes Life

Mandala designs are believed to be therapeutic and calming to color. They can be intricate or very simple. I find some days I am looking for a coloring page that requires lots of thought and planning and other days where I just want something quick and easy to color. The list below of therapeutic mandala free coloring pages gives you options for both.

✅ Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults Only PDFs

These adults only coloring pages are very popular. But if you prefer to avoid curse words and references to sex in your coloring activities I advise you to skip this list. 😉

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults Only Quotes


Activities related to nature are known to be calming and helps to ground you. Whether it’s a nature walk or working on a coloring page that is nature-themed, these are positive activities to fill your days with-especially on difficult days.

Nature Scenery Coloring Pages for Adults

Each person has their own favorite scene in nature. My favorite is anything related to the beach or ocean. You might like woodsy nature scenes, fields of flowers, sky, or desert cactus scenes. Below is a list of many adult coloring pages of different scenes from nature.

Free Printable Flower Coloring Pages for Adults

  • Easter Flower

Animal Coloring Pages for Adults to Print


These free animals coloring pages are great for adults and children. They are adorable!

Free Miscellaneous Objects Adult Coloring Pages

Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils

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Depression Quotes Images Free Download Color Pages

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Short depressing quotes


There is nothing like decorating for the holidays. You can use these free holiday coloring printables to get in the spirit and use your finished adult coloring projects as a unique touch to your DIY holiday decorating!

Free Printable Christmas Candy Cane Coloring Pages

Free Printable Christmas Tree Ornament Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages Online

You have to check out these adorable Free Coloring Holiday Gift Tags! I enjoy adult coloring pages simply for the relaxing and enjoyable benefits. But since I put a lot of effort and creativity in my designs, I love when I can find a functional use for them. These gift tags will add a unique and personal touch to your Christmas gift wrapping.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Adults

Valentines Adult Coloring Pages

Free Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults

Grandparent’s Day Coloring Pages (for free)

*I had to add this adorable Grandparent’s Day Coloring Pages even though they are more for children. But how often do you even remember when Grandparent’s Day is? Much less have your kids do something nice to show appreciation for Grandma and Grandpa? Now you have something you can let your kids create at the last minute! Oh, and if you don’t already know, Grandparent’s Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day.

  • I Love You Grandma


So many cute birthday adult coloring pages from Doodle Art Alley that I can’t choose!

I have created my own free adult coloring pages for you! You can download them from my Resource Library by clicking the button below.


I don’t know about you, but after all of these free coloring page printables, I am ready to break out my colored pencils and get to work coloring. How about you?

✅ How to Download Free Online Coloring Pages for Adults

Every browser, as well as the difference between and PC and a Mac, may have slightly different ways to download and print your adult coloring page. But here are the most common ways:

1. Right click and save as JPEG then save to your computer or Dropbox folder.

2. Export as PDF or JPEG and choose a location on your computer to save it.

3. Print your adult coloring pages either at home or professionally through services like OfficeDepot.

Printing Instructions for Free Adult Coloring Pages

Tips for Printing Coloring Pages at Home

  • If you are using an inkjet printer, make sure you allow the ink to dry completely after printing.
  • The best paper for using colored pencils is 65lb. cardstock. It is very reasonably priced and will make your final product look the best. It also good for framing.
  • If you like coloring with coptic markers, then you want to use 110lb. bright white cardstock for the best results and to resist bleeding and smearing.

Printing Tips for Online Print Services

Mosts professional print services use laser jet printers. The ink used in these printers is practically bleed-proof. So you can use whatever coloring tools you prefer.

And printing in black and white is usually less than a dime per page. You can pickup your professionally printed adult coloring pages locally or have them shipped to you. I use Office Depot and it offers both of these pickup options.

  • Make sure you preview your print job before you place your order.
  • Choose 65lb. or 110lb. white cardstock paper for the best results. It will be smooth coloring for you and not bleed through to the other side of the page.
  • Make sure to look for coupons on the website before you place your final order.

Read more about things you can do for yourself . . .

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