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Yodot MOV Repair utility performs smooth recovery of corrupt and damaged HD video files of MP4, and MOV formats. Download the Yodot MOV Repair tool for free, and fix your unplayable HD video files now.

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Unlike any other options in this article, is an online tool for repairing. EaseUS RepairVideo is a free online video repair tool that can fix and repair damaged, corrupt, broken, and unplayable video files, including MOV, MP4. But first, download and install Wondershare Repairit to your Windows or Mac. Mac users can turn to another guide for the matched steps: How to repair videos on Mac. Step 1 Add Corrupt Video Files. With the video repair tool. Click 'Add video and start repairing', or click the 'Add' button to add corrupt video files. Download the video repair tool archive (.zip), and extract the downloaded archive: a) PC: right-click the file in Windows Explorer, and choose ‘Extract all’. B) Mac: double-click the file in the Mac Finder. Then go into the extracted folder. Run the video repair tool: a) PC: Double-click the file ‘gs.exe’.

Top 1 HD Video Repair Utility Free Download
How to Fix Corrupted HD Videos of MP4 and MOV Formats
What Else Can You Do to Fix Corrupted HD Videos
Common Reasons Behind Corrupted HD Videos

High-definition video is with higher resolution and quality than the standard definition, thus HD videos can ensure the best experience of watching them. Nowadays, it's no longer an uphill task for individuals to record such HD videos because most brands' cameras, camcorders, DLSRs and even some smartphones can do us a favor. In addition, the memory card for extended storage is getting larger and larger, so is the phone's internal memory, we tend to preserve HD videos more often than the normal standards.

To protect HD videos from not opening or not playing in media player, it's necessary for you to learn some HD video corruption prevention measures. And best of all, get to know the most capable and free HD video repair utility that is good at repairing corrupted MP4 and MOV video files.

Top 1 HD Video Repair Utility Free Download

The possibility to restore a corrupted video depends on how serious it was damaged.

On your corrupt video, some may repair only the audio portion without image, while some may repair only the video portion without sound. All in all, to achieve the full repair of both the video and audio elements, we can name a few capable free video repair tools for you.

For a comprehensive HD video repair utility that has little impact on the video resolution and quality after the repair, we think EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the renowned free file recovery software & file repair software should come to the top position of recommendation.

Five salient features in repairing HD video files include:

  • Repair corrupted videos on an inaccessible SD card like not formatted or access denied
  • Fix corrupted videos on a RAW SD card that cannot open until you format it
  • One software serves for multiple purposes, with the ability to repair corruption as well as recover lost/deleted/formatted videos
  • Repair multiple videos at one time after a deep scan from any drive and let your preview the quality before final recovery
  • 100% fix for corrupted MP4 and MOV videos on DJI, GoPro and Canon cameras

How to Fix Corrupted HD Videos of MP4 and MOV Formats

Once a video file loses some essential parts/elements in it, it's recognized as corrupted. Usually, you cannot open it, view the full picture, nor play it in the camera/iPhone/Android smartphone where it's originally kept.

EaseUS HD video repair utility is a handy tool with simple UI. It has both Windows and macOS versions. With its help, you can repair damaged files not limited to videos.

To fix this issue, connect your device to a computer, and follow the full guide for HD video repair:

Step 1. Select a location

Choose the correct drive which contains the corrupted videos. It can be a removable disk or a local drive. Click 'Scan'.

Step 2. Scan for damaged and corrupt videos

This program will scan all over the selected drive and display all files(including lost and existing files). You can use 'Filter' on the top right to quickly locate all the video files.

Step 3. Repair corrupted videos

Double-click on a file lets you preview the file quality. Finally, if there is no problem at all, click 'Recover'. You should choose a different location to save the recovered videos.

Download Mp4 Video Repair Tool For Pc

Video Repair Tool Freeware

As a matter of fact, it also supports a variety of file formats like Word DOC/DOCX, Excel EXL/EXLS, PowerPoint PPT/PPTX, pictures JPG/JPEG, etc.

What Else Can You Do to Fix Corrupted HD Videos

Corrupt file repair software, free download version like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is usually the most recommended for repairing corrupt files that is so vulnerable to get second damage, as it's usually safer and more stable in performance. Nonetheless, the recommended software is not always a unique option for every video repair on various occasions. Some people are interested in other ways of repairing their large-sized or high-definition videos. In the following, we collected some frequently asked questions on this 'corrupted video repair' topic and gave short answers to each question.

1. How do I fix corrupted MP4 files online?

You may consider EaseUS VideoRepair to try a pre-fix, and it's easy yet powerful to repair corrupted and unplayable videos:

Step 1. Upload your video with the corruption issue. You can click the Upload Video button on the left to select a video file, or simply drag and drop the video to the area on the right.

Step 2. Enter your email address and click the Start Repairing button to instantly start the repair. Here, you must make sure the entered email address is valid to send and receive email messages over the Internet. EaseUS VideoRepair will send you a confidential extraction code to the provided email address. You can only download the repaired video by applying the code you received.

Download Mp4 Video Repair Tool For Pc

Step 3. The uploading and repairing process goes. You don't necessarily stay all the time waiting because once the session reaches 100% compeletion, you'll receive the extraction code in your mail.

Step 4. In your mail, check the message sent by EaseUS. There you'll remember the extraction code (just leave the page open so you can return to check). Click the View Your Repair button and you'll be guided to the website. Click the Download Video button, then enter the code that is exclusively generated for you, and click OK.

2. What's the best file repair software in 2020?

The best file repair software in 2020 each has its own merits. Some are free to use, while some are paid for full features. Some are downloaded versions and some are for online use. All together, we picked up 10+ best file repair software this year for you to refer to.

Common Reasons Behind Corrupted HD Videos

There are many occasions that will push your videos at the edge of full damage. You must take prompt actions to repair those endangered videos as soon as possible.

  • Device error: Recording HD videos while the power is running low, or the SD card storage is running out of free disk space
  • File transfer error: Transferring videos from your device's SD card to a computer but the file transfer process hangs, freezes, never completes or sends error messages indicating the transfer failed
  • Video conversion interruption: Converting one video format to the other but the conversion interrupts or incompletes due to system or application errors
  • Virus and malware attack: The most direct consequence of being infected by virus or malware is the file corruption, with invalid file formats you cannot access or play
  • Improper video editing: Modify or edit videos using some unreliable third-party video editing software, especially the crack software
  • Device hardware issues: SD card or hard drive develops file system corruption, turning to the RAW file system, not formatted or not accessible problems

Video recordings with HD formats are one good way to preserve the clearest memories in the past, it's our duty to protect them from unintentionally being deleted or corrupted. The most time-saving and convenient way to safeguard your treasures is to adopt a full backup strategy. Otherwise, when incidents happen that you lost some precious videos that can either disappear or not play anymore, at least know where to seek help.

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What's the difference between MP4 and other video formats?

Normally, when we say MP4, it means we are talking about a video ending with a file extension .mp4 which can be referred as a video file extension. As today, there are different kinds of video file formats available across various platforms. The choice of video file format totally depends upon the requirement of the user which they want to use. MOV and MP4 are the two commonly file formats which use lossy video compression to hold the videos. This format maintains the minimum quality loss after the video has been compressed.

There are many popular file formats available such as AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, and MOV. All file types have the different extension and are used to compress and decompress a video file. The files are the collection of the information that you have recorded which can be both audio and video data in one single file. Each container format comes with several benefits and disadvantages over the others.

1. dr.fone - Android Data Recovery

Are you looking for a safe and effective Mp4 video recovery solution for your Android device? Don’t worry here we have iSkySoft Toolbox - Android Data Recovery which works as an excellent recovery tool and gives an easy way to retrieve back deleted video file recovery. This tool is the best alternative for any other software as it comes with highly advanced and quick results. dr.fone ensures that your data will not be lost and users will gain proper access to a program to enable smooth restoration without any hassle.

Download mp4 video repair tool for pc windows 7
  • Supporting more than 6000+ android devices is what makes it even more convenient for all android device users.
  • Besides recovering deleted videos, it can recover other data types too like contacts, photos, messages, call history and many more.
  • It can recover deleted videos from android phones without rooting as well.
  • Supporting almost all data loss scenarios, this revolutionary software revives your videos that got deleted accidently or deliberately.
  • dr.fone not just guarantees good outcomes but also is absolutely risk free.

#2: Wondershare Data Recovery

This software is an easy and reliable tool to have deleted video file recovery back to your folder. Wondershare also supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive and more. This tool can have Mp4 video recovery which was lost due to sudden deletion, formatting, virus attack, system crash and more. Wondershare allows to have the preview of the file and allows selective recovery of video files.

#3: MP4 Video Recovery Tool

This tool is designed only for Windows Operating system. MP4 video recovery tool helps in fixing video files which cannot be played or displayed when you try to open it. So this tool uses Java Runtime Environment to function in order to recover the damaged file. Basically, MP4 video recovery tool follows the original video, get the data and the reconstructs the damaged video.

#4: Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

It is an efficient video repair tool for Windows and Mac which help in getting deleted video file recovery back on your device with consuming very less time. Stellar helps in repairing the files which are damaged and corrupted. Not only this but it also allows simultaneous repair of the multiple video files. This tool supports MP4, MOV, M4V, 3G2 and more. Stellar do works with latest Mac OS, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard versions.

#5: VLC Video Player

Repair mp4 video files free

There are very few of them who knows that VLC player can work as deleted video file recovery tool. It is one of the leading application to play video/audio files and also can repair the damaged files such as MP4, MOV, AVI and QTRM formats. You simply have to go to the tools and select the preference from the drop down list, identify the file with selecting ‘Always Fix’ icon. Now play the error free video with using VLC video player.

#6: Get My Videos Back

Restoring the damaged videos is super easy with 'Get My Videos Back' software. This tool will effortlessly recover the deleted video files with estimating the flaws and size of the skipped data. It comes with no restriction and provides pause enabled copy with checking the free space on the target drive. So in order to have those corrupted video files, you simply need to click on Open and start option. Select the damaged file and get it repaired by the tool. The best part about this tool is that it can repair video codecs such as MP4, 3GP, MPEG, AVI and more.

#7: Remo Recover


Download Mp4 Video Repair Tool For Pc Free

It is a tool which can be used to recover MP4 files from SD cards and other modes. It does support the recovery of MP4 files from popular brands such as Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, HP and more. It can recover the video files such as MOV, AVI, MP4, 3G2 and more. In addition to this, it can recover the videos from hard disk as it is compatible with FAT16, FAT32, and many more file systems. The MP4 video recovery allows the user to sort the recovered files on any mediums.

Mp4 Video Repair Software

#8: iCare Recovery

Repair Mp4 Files Online

iCare Data Recovery can recover the lost MP4 files which were mistakenly deleted from your SD card, Hard drive or from any other system. You can also recover the deleted videos from memory card, flash drive and can download your recovered MP4 videos back on your system. iCare Recovery tool can recover the videos which are damaged due to virus attack, accidental formatted or due to any other cause of the MP4 file loss.