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Jun 3, 2019·2 min read

Python should already be installed. It can be 2. or 3. version. Steps: Installing Selenium; Installing Webdrivers (headless) Creating Simple Code. In this post, we will be focusing specifically on Python. First, you will have to install Python on your computer. Head over to the official Python download page and grab the latest version for Windows. Download: Python for Windows. Then, install Selenium WebDriver using Pip, the official Python package manager. Switch Between Windows: Selenium Python. WebDriver supports moving between these windows using the “switchtowindow ” method. Driver.switchtowindow ('windowhandle') Webdriver will now interpret all calls to the driver to be coming from the above window. Let’s see an example code to understand how it works. Jul 07, 2021 So, for users Googling “selenium download file”, this article explores that exact scenario with a step-by-step tutorial. Let’s consider the following scenario: There is a.csv file located at the end of “ Test on Right Mobile Devices ” page, the intent is to download the file using Selenium and Python.

Problem: I needed daily backup from a website that had no API for me to access this file. I was thinking I could use a simple get request in a Python script, but that wouldn’t work because of authentication and dynamically created content.

Selenium Python Documentation

Solution: I did some research and solve the problem using Python, virtualenv, Selenium, and Headless Chrome.

Where to get Python 3.4+:

You want to make sure we have the below installed:
1. Python 3.4+ installed
2. Pip installed(should come packaged with Python)
3. Git Bash latest version(ONLY INSTALL IF YOU’RE ON WINDOWS)
4. Don’t forget to set your environment variables

Steps 4a and 4b are references if your environmental variables aren’t set:
4a. Windows 10 tutorial on how to set environment variables:
4b. Mac/Linux tutorial on how to set environmental variables:

How to check if you have Python and Pip installed:
Open your terminal or git bash(windows) and input these commands:

Download the driver that matches the version of chrome that your running and correct operating system:

If you do not know your chrome version, copy and paste this to your url search and you will get your version:

Open your terminal(mac/linux) or git bash(windows)

Make a folder to store all of the contents we will be working with and navigate to it in the terminal:

Make sure your current directory is the one we created earlier named “headless_test”

Lets install, create, and activate our virtual environment with the commands below:

Input the command below in the terminal:

Download selenium python windows 7Download Selenium Python Windows

You can copy and paste the code below and the codewill:
1. Setup headless chrome and permissions ready to download files
2. Navigate to using Selenium Webdriver
3. Click on a download icon to download a small test file using Selenium Web element locator/click function

IMPORTANT TO READ THE COMMENTS because there are some paths you need to change.

Save the file as “ in the directory created earlier “headless_test” and run the script file using the command below:

Download Selenium Python Windows Xp

Verify your file been downloaded in the path you set it to and congratulations you’ve automated file downloading!

This can be expanded to downloading multiple files or even running automatic daily tasks with a Jenkins pipeline.

InstallSelenium download for windows 10

You could also rename your files automatically after downloading them.

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