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Step 6: Boot into Windows 7. Repeat the process, but now choose Windows 7 in the bootloader menu. The last time we did the dual-boot setup, we had to rerun the filesystem check (checkdisk) operation from the recovery console to fix Windows 7, which is a great exercise on its own. Jan 10, 2009 The number of beta downloads allowed by Microsoft are limited to 2.5 million. Even though this number is very high, there is lot of demand from tech savvy people. So better rush to the Windows Windows 7 Beta – How To Download, Dual Boot With Windows XP/Vista And Should I Try? To switch between added Windows versions, navigate to the multiboot/win-directory (replacing win-directory with the Windows version you want to boot) on your USB. Once there, move the bootmgr, bootmgr.efi, and entire boot folder to the root of your USB drive.

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  3. Dual Boot Windows 7 32 And 64-bit

Triple Boot Windows 7


Dual Boot Windows 7 Ubuntu

Dual Boot Windows 7 Download

Dual Boot Windows 7 32 And 64-bit

Here is what I did:
1) Install 'DOS 6.22' on a fresh 500GB Harddisk.
2) The 'DOS 6.22' can bootup successfully. It is on a FAT 2GB partition.
3) Then install 'Windows 7' on a 100GB NTFS partition.
4) The 'Windows 7' can bootup successfully. However, I can't bootup the 'DOS 6.22' anymore. In Windows 7, the DOS partition is not assigned any drive letter and therefore I set it as 'F:'
5) Install the 'EasyBCD 2.1' on 'Windows 7' and add an entry for 'DOS 6.22'.
6) I notice that a folder 'NST' is created on the 'F:' (the DOS FAT16). There is an 'AutoNeoGrub0.mbr'. Also there is a 'ANG0' file on the root directory on 'F:'
7) Everytime I want to boot from the 'DOS 6.22', it just brings me to a 'GRUB' prompt.
The 'real-mode boot sector' is strange that the 'path' points to 'NSTAutoNeoGrub0.mbr'. I think this is the reason why the 'GRUB' prompt always comes up.
Does anyone see this problem before? How do you solve this eventually?
Thank you