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Who doesn't love an organised kitchen?! With the Avery kitchen and pantry range you'll soon have everything in order. From the Kitchen pantry to the fridge, the spice rack and more! With a range of shapes and sizes there is a label to suit all needs. Ideal for application of jars, tins and glasses.

With these 90 free printable pantry labels, I tried to cover most of the basic ingredients – spices, flour, baking, nuts and more. You can easily print these labels at home, cut and apply them to your food storage jars. A simple and elegant solution for DIY kitchen organization and storage. Pantry Labels: Free kitchen labels to download in assorted colors (blue, coral, dark grey and mint). Mixer Prints: Four different background colors available: kiwi, tangerine, gravel and curd. Kitchen Prints: Use as note cards, framed art or whatever you like.

Try our chalk labels, they come in a range of shapes and sizes for any jar or tin. Use chalk to personalise your label.

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These free printable labels are great for just about any occasion and every type of item. You'll also save time and money from going out and having someone else create these personalized labels for you. Plus, since you're doing it yourself, you can make them look just how you want them to look.

Below you'll find free printable labels for envelopes, canned goods, wine bottles, and water bottles, and even some vintage labels. They'll dress up and give a new look to whatever you put them on.

This is a great way to dress up a quick gift such a jar of jelly or bottle of wine, create some labels for a party you're having, or add a special touch to an envelope or decorative bottle. They'll even get your organized by labeling your moving boxes and organizing your pantry.

If you like these free printable labels you might like to see more free printables like printable greeting cards, gift tags, and recipe cards.

Personalized Kitchen Labels

  • Your Address

    These free printable labels can be customized with your name and address making easy work out of addressing an envelope.

    There are more than 10 different styles of free address labels here so you can choose whichever design you like the best.

  • Canning Jars

    If you're a home canner then you are going to love these free printable labels to go on the top or side of your canning jars.

    There's room for you to put the name of the item along with the date on these free printable labels for canning.

  • Wine Bottles

    If you have a wine bottle you'd like to dress up then you'll want to check out these free printable labels for wine bottles.

    Whether it's a party or you make your own wine, these wine bottle printable labels are going to look great.

  • Water Bottles

    If there's some sort of celebration that you'll be hosting then you should really look at these free printable labels for water bottles.

    You'll find free printable labels that can go on water bottles to celebrate weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or just the day-to-day.

  • Create a Vintage Look

    These free printable labels all have quite the vintage feel to them and you can print them right from your computer.

    You really can use these free printable vintage labels on just about anything and everything you'd like.

  • Moving

    Do you have a big move coming up? Or maybe thinking about rearranging a garage or closet? If so, these free moving labels from The Small Stuff Counts are sure to come in handy.

    Colorful moving labels help you organize where each box goes and the contents that are inside. Here are some other free moving labels:

    Moving Labels From The Small Stuff Counts

  • Handmade Gifts

    If you make your own gifts and goodies, you'll love these free handmade labels that will add the finishing touch to what you made.

    The labels say 'Handmade With Love', 'Buy Handmade', 'Thank you', 'Handmade With Care', and more.

    Here are some other handmade labels that would look great on your makes.

    Handmade With Love Labels From Everything Etsy

  • Your Pantry

    The Creativity Exchange is going to help you get your pantry organized with these free, printable labels. The font is modern but readable and looks great when printed on clear sticker labels.​

    The labels include cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, salt, oatmeal, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla just to name a few.

    Here are some other pantry labels to help you get organized:

    Free, Printable Pantry Labels from The Creativity Exchange

  • Candles

    These free, printable labels are for homemade candles. They say 'Citrus Fresh' on the top with some illustrated vines, arrows, and hearts. You simply adhere them to the top of a tin candle.

    Here are some other free labels for candles that you might like:

    Citrus Fresh Candle Labels from Happiness Is Handmade

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From The Kitchen Of Labels Free Download
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