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Funny kid videos are as popular as laughable animal clips on YouTube. Indeed, children can make us lol every second of their life. They are sincere, straightforward, always open to new experience. You are sure to burst into laughing while watching them talking, trying to behave like adults, asking awkward questions and giving astonishing answers. Have a look at these funny YouTube videos with children to spend some smiling minutes together.

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Kids Talk: 6 Funny Videos

Children are restless chatterboxes. They tell you everything about everyone. Their pearls of wisdom can knock us down. See the most popular YouTube videos in which kids are talking unprecedented things.

1. Job before marriage

A 5 year old girl is talking seriously about her future husband.

Views: 14M+

Published: 2011

2. Women are born this way

Don’t stop women when they are talking, even if they are very small!

Views: 3.8M+

Published: 2009

3. Talking twin babies

Twins have their own language to speak and always understand each other.

Views: 124M+

Published: 2011

4. Very clever girl

Does she know how far is the Sun?

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Views: 22M+

Published: 2009

5. Say “Fire Truck”

Never ask your kid to say provocative phrases.

Views: 56M+

Published: 2006

6. What if monsters come here

Monsters won’t come to her house.

Views: 14M+

Published: 2007

Kids Dance: 7 Coolest Clips

7. Small Chinese boy becomes a show star

Judges were amazed and touched.

Views: 17M+

Published: 2014

8. 2 year old dancing the jive

The boy will surely become a jive star.

Views: 28M+

Published: 2012

9. Gangnam Style awakens a little girl

Now she is as famous as Psy.

Views: 31M+

Published: 2013

10. Chubby Indian kid dancing

Indian dances are learned from the cradle.

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Views: 5M+

Published: 2011


11. Funny Kids Fails

Funny Kids Fails is a compilation of multiple kids videos provided by Life Awesome. There are a number of series avaialble on YouTube. You may get them all on DVD by converting MP4 to DVD and then burn onto a disc with our DVD burning software.


Views: 11M+

Published: 2019

12. Evian Baby Dance

This is the famous Evian commercial with cute dancing kids.

Views: 90M+

Published: 2010

13. Beyoncé dancer

Mr Bean Funny Videos Free Download For Pc

This girl was invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and became a TV star as well.

Views: 12M+

Published: 2013

Babies Cry: 4 Sweet Videos

14. Daddy’s scary laugh

The kid doesn’t like his daddy laughing.

Views: 5.8M+

Published: 2009

15. Mom’s song is so touching!

The mother is brilliantly singing and the baby shows his emotions, this is so heartwarming!

Views: 22M+

Published: 2013

Nkansah Funny Videos Free Download

16. Babies eating lemons

Kids are tasting lemons for the first time. Don’t repeat this with your toddlers!

Views: 25M+

Published: 2014

17. Twins fighting over a toothbrush

One toothbrush for two kids is not enough!

Views: 24M+

Published: 2012

Kids Sleep: 3 Laughable Videos

18. Eating is so tiresome

At early age sleeping is more engaging than eating.

Views: 1.7M+

Published: 2007

19. Baby fighting sleep

The baby struggles like a real warrior.

Views: 2.5M+

Published: 2009

20. Like father, like daughter

Snoring is transmitted at the genetic level.

Funny Short Videos To Download

Views: 3.2M+

Published: 2007

Children Playing Pranks: 5 Best Clips

21. Twins putting themselves to bed

Who’s the first?

Views: 29M+

Published: 2011

22. Cute play with a puppy

Animals are the best friends for kids. It’s possible to watch this video for long, it’s charming!

Views: 1.7M+

Published: 2015

23. She want to marry, he doesn’t

Men don’t want to marry from a young age and are punished for this.

Views: 1.5M+

Published: 2011

24. She didn’t do that

Nobody know who used the marker on the tummy.

Views: 7M+

Published: 2007

25. Kids at the aquarium

Funny Clips Download

Will you be scared by a beluga? This girl definitely is. Here some more funny moment with kids at the aquarium in the video below.

Views: 9M+

Funny Videos Free Download For Mobile Mp3

Published: 2019

These were best YouTube videos with funny kids. What clips will you add here as well?

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