How To Download Free Courses

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  1. Become a Google Sheets Master. Learn 30 advanced formulas and techniques in 30 days, with these 30 bite-size tutorials.
  2. Inbound Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy. Length: 4:12 Hours. From attracting.
  3. Create high-quality online courses that sell. Launch your courses the most efficient way. Generate good ratings and reviews of your courses. Accurately target your courses to maximize revenue. Start on Udemy from scratch. Expand your business beyond online courses.

Splunk Fundamentals 1 eLearning. This course teaches you how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, get statistics from your data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts. Scenario-based examples and hands-on challenges will enable you to create robust searches, reports, and charts. It will also introduce you to Splunk's datasets.

Download free course packages from your Lists

Please note that course files downloaded from OpenSesame are designed to be used in Learning Management Systems. If you do not have access to an LMS, you will be unable to use downloaded course packages and may want to consider using CourseCloud. (If you are unfamiliar with LMSes, this article will fill you in.)

Once you have opted in, log in to your OpenSesame account that has your newly created course licenses by navigating here:

Once logged in, you will land here:

Select any of the free Curated Lists:

Click the box to the immediate left of a course's title to select specific courses to download. If you’d like to select all courses, simply select the top box:

Udacity courses free download

As soon as any course is selected, you'll see a 'Deliver Courses' button appear:

Click it to reveal delivery options. From here, choose “Download SCORM or AICC packages for your LMS”:

As soon as you click that option, OpenSesame will generate packages linked to your new, limited-time OpenSesame Plus license. You will briefly see this screen until the file generation is complete:

Note: The file type you'll receive is determined by your account settings. The default is a SCORM 1.2 package. If you need AICC files instead, please check outthis article.

How To Download Free Courses To My Website

The resulting .zip file will be titled with the date. It will include all of the course packages that were selected to download, titled by a unique identifier, a ReadMe file, and a .csv file of the metadata for each course.


From here, the next step is to prepare your free courses for upload.

How To Download Free Courses To My Website