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Check out the Learn Korean! Fast! iPhone application - how I learned the alphabet, started connecting the letters, improved my reading speed, and started to memorize words and phrases. Let me know what you think!
Discover how you learn best.

Download Learn Korean apk 1.5 for Android. Learn Korean Free Offline For Travel. I have been using this app to learn Korean for over a year now, and this app makes learning a language so comprehensible. You don’t even realize how easily you are learning the words, and the methods are fun and simple to follow. I have really picked up on the language thanks to quite a bit of help from this app. Best Korean App for Immersion. HelloTalk is an app to learn Korean by chatting. You find a partner and pair up to improve your language skills and learn more about Korean culture. In return, you teach your partner about your language and culture. The Korean texting app lets you translate anything you don’t understand.

I built this app on learning Korean. I got good feedback and I've been adding more features and content since it launched:

I introduced features where anyone with an iPhone could learn Korean - automating the pain in creating a learning plan, helping you with repetition, and allowing you to learn in various ways such as listening, tracing, free-style drawing, and typing.

We've helped some people learn more Korean. Hearing from our users is very exciting!

Some testimonials sent in anonymously

LearningApps to learn korean

I like this app because I can learn Korean more easily

Learn Korean App For Pc


I wanted so long to learn Korean and go to Korea!

Learn Korean App Free Download For Computer

This app should have tests after each lesson, or a quiz
Response: we're working on it!

I really like the repetition of writing the characters

I love this app so much five stars

Teach me more words
Response: we're working on it!

But what happens when you've mastered the fundamentals?

What do you do once you've learned the alphabet, you can sound out the characters, even read words in Korean?
I wanted to learn more and more people wanted to learn more words.
I knew we all could learn more so we added more content and repittion so we could all learn together.

Signs you're ready to use Learn Korean! Fast! app:

3) You've tried multiple other resources
2) You're dedicated to putting in the and effort it takes to learn a new language
1) You're always asking, 'what's next?'


How can I learn Korean for free?
Learn Korean! Fast! has free content that can help you learn Korean using different senses.
How long does it take to learn Korean?
This varies on how much you want to learn. I hope to help you become conversational in general topics and build from there. Using words you already know to begin and then building more vocabulary from there.

Do you want to learn Korean faster? Maybe it’s because you want to try to understand Korean movies or songs better? Is it for fun? Is it maybe because you are traveling to that country and want to get more fluent? Well, this app can help you with all of that. Korean Learning has many features for you to learn Korean in a fun way and faster. You can know the basics, you can also learn Hangul which is an important part of Korean, make your own Korean name, and you can do many other things too! This app will help you with many things and will basically tell you all the basics!
Learn Users, you are requested to kindly go through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and in case of any disagreement re-consider your use of the app. Your further use of the App. will be construed as your express acceptance of the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and you will be strictly bound by the same.