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Apr 29, 2020 Download SmartPSS for Windows to deploy small or medium security surveillance system. SmartPSS has had 1 update within the past 6 months. PC-NVR feature provided for saving cost. FLIR PC-NVR is software bundled with the FLIR Cloud Client software download. It is a completely separate software, and one does not require the other to function. FLIR PC-NVR turns the computer into an NVR and will use your hard disk drive (HDD) on your PC to store recorded video.

  • Nov 30, 2021 Jan 31, 2020 Dahua SmartPSS for Mac - Download Free (2020 Latest Version). Install Dahua SmartPSS for Mac full setup on your macOS 10.12 Sierra or later PC. Safe and free download from chromecastapps.net. Latest Video Software category with a new technology in (92.47 MB) Safe & Secure to download for you by Dahua Technology.
  • Launch SmartPSS and click, 'PC-NVR' 2. Click the power button on the right to turn PC-NVR on. Click the plus sign. Click the device you wish to setup to record. Click on the check box below the image. Click, 'Import' 7. Click, 'Disk Management' on the left hand side.

Free download PC software - video monitor client for HD network video recorder, adding the NVR through I8 protocol.

Download Dahua SmartPSS - A handy piece of software that enables you to configure, set alarms and keep an eye out for events as they are detected by the Dahua surveillance systems.

gDMSS Lite for PC Free Download: Here you can download and configure gDMSS lite for PC (Windows 7/8/10 or MAC). Here is a link to gDMSS for PC. gDMSS is an app for Dahua DVR/NVR for remote viewing. Many users want that this app will run on their PC, so Dahua provides a solution for such users. Dahua is a very famous CCTV brand in the CCTV industry and we all know that every good brand has powerful tools for its users, So Dahua is also providing the solution for its PC users.

Download Free NVR Software. Fixed sometimes mobile APP can't connect to version 929. Added Lite Subscription in Subscription Edition. Oct 02, 2021 PC-NVR Plus (PC-NVR Plus.exe). The Brickcom BRC64 is an advanced PC-based NVR that allows users to manage up to 64 Brickcom IP cameras for live viewing and video recording. With the support of Mega-pixel resolution and H.264 compression, it uses less bandwidth while offering the optimal image viewing and recording quality.

H 264 Standalone Dvr Software Compatible Hikvision/Dahua/XM/ONVIF. The CMS software has embedded with different protocols to work with devices from diversity brands such as HIkvision, Dahua, XM, or any ONVIF compliant products from other manufacturers in the world. Business Operations Dahua U.S.ABusiness Operations. Cybersecurity Data Security/Cybersecurity. Facial Recognition. Technology Facial RecognitionTechnology. FCC Rulemaking Process FCC Rulemaking Process. Our Commitments Our Commitments. Perspectives from Dahua Perspectives from Dahua.

What is gDMSS lite for PC?

gDMSS Lite for PC is software provided by the Dahua Technology for its PC users. Here, we offer you to download the complete setup for your PC either Windows or MAC. We also going to demonstrate the step by step installation of gDMSS lite for PC and the full configuration for PC users.

What is gDMSS for PC?

gDMSS is also provided by Dahua Technology and it is for those who have low configuration devices. Some of the advanced features are missing in gDMSS for PC. It is good for only remote monitoring of Dahua CCTV cameras.

Download gDMSS Lite For PC For Free (Windows or MAC)

Here are the links for downloading the gDMSS Lite for PC and gDMSS for PC. You can download the desired setup files by clicking those links. The setup file will be in the compressed format and you need to extract them after download.

If you are looking for gDMSS lite for PC then you can download the setup file for your PC and configure your Dahua devices on your PC as well. It is working for both gDMSS lite for PC and gDMSS for PC.

Here we are going to discuss two methods for getting gDMSS for PC. You can also use the second method in order to get your gDMSS lite for PC. But the first method is recommended.

Method 1 #Using SmartPSS for setup gDMSS Lite for PC or gDMSS for PC.

In this method, we are going to show you how can you get the Dahua devices on your PC using the software called SmartPSS. This the official application provided by the Dahua. So, let start the setup configuration of gDMSS Lite for pc.

STEP 1#Installing the gDMSS Lite for PC

Download the setup file of gDMSS Lite for PC on your computer or laptop and extract the file using Winrar. After extracting the file, Just double click on the setup file. The setup file will ask you for the administrative permission for the installation. Click on the “Yes”. Then the first screen of the setup will be in front of you. Click on the “Agree the agreement” and after that, click on the “Next” button. You can also choose your desired language for your gDMSS for pc. by default language is English.

After clicking the “Next” button, you will get the new screen asking for some options. Here are two options, the first one is for the SmartPSS and the second one is for the Storage services. SmartPSS is for the gDMSS application and Storage services are for the recording means if you want to install a storage server for CCTV cameras recording on your pc. Click the options as per your requirement and the press the “Next” button.

Choose the Options

Now the new screen will ask you for the installation path for the setup. You can change it as per your choice or leave it as by default. The second option is for generating a shortcut for gDMSS Lite for PC on your desktop screen. Click on that if you want and then press the “Install” button.

Then the setup installing process will start. Wait for some time for completing the installation of gDMSS Lite for PC.

Now the new screen for finishing the setup process. Click on “Run SmartPSS” and press the “Finish” button.

Launch gDMSS for PC

STEP 2# Log In into the gDMSS for PC

The new screen is for the network permission for gDMSS Lite for pc. Click both the options and press the “Allow access” button.

Now its time to set a strong password for the SmartPSS. Put a strong password as per your choice and remember it or write it down at a secure place.

Now here is the new screen asking for some questions. Choose the question and answer it as per your choice. These questions and answers will help you if you forget the password of gDMSS Lite for PC. After answering the questions press the “Finish” button.

Security Questions

Now the login screen will come up. Put your password which is created above steps. The username is “admin”. After that press the “Login”.

STEP 3# Add the device into the gDMSS for PC.

Now the SmartPSS is running on your computer. In order to watch your CCTV cameras on gDMSS Lite for pc, you need to add your DVR/NVR on the software. Press the “Add” button and a new popup comes asking for the detail for your Dahua device. Fill it correctly as per your mobile app or follow the steps.

  • Device Name: As per your choice.
  • Method to add: SN(For Device Support P2P).
  • SN:serial number of the device“.
  • Group Name: Default Group.
  • User name: admin
  • Password:your device password“.

After filling the information press the “Add” button.

Add The Device

Now your pc is ready to show your CCTV camera on your computer.

Status of Device

Check the status of the device, it must be “Online”. If it is not online, check the information once i.e. serial number and the password of the device.

Now click on the “New” button and then press the “Live View“.

Live View

Now your camera is on your gDMSS Lite for pc.

Method 2# Using an Emulator

The emulator is a software program that enables one operating system functions to another operating system means your Windows or your MAC os works like an android or iPhone. To do so we are recommended for the BlueStacks emulator that allows you to run your android app on your Windows pc.

  • Download BlueStacks on your pc.
  • After downloading the setup, run the Bluestack software on your pc.
  • After that, go to “My App”.
  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Search for the app “gDMSS Lite”.
  • Install it as you install it on your phone.
  • Add the device in your gDMSS Lite.
  • Then finally, you can see your CCTV cameras in your pc.

You can also use another emulator like Nox player.


Both the method of gDMSS Lite for pc are good but we strongly recommended that the first one because it is the official software provided by the Dahua company for the pc uses and no need for any third-party software like emulators. The user experience is also far good in comparison to the second method.

So, this is all about “gDMSS Lite for PC“. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to write to us in the comment box. Thank you for visiting us. Have a nice day.

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Want Dahua DVR software for PC free download, here you can get Dahua DVR software for PC free download. Here is the link of download Dahua DVR software for windows and Mac. The Dahua is one the best CCTV camera brand in world in the field of CCTV and provide so many good tools in order to configure their CCTV camera and the other devices. Smart PSS is the software by Dahua technology and you can get it free. In this article we are going to cover how to get Dahua DVR Software for PC free download and its configuration. This software is mainly used to run your CCTV cameras on the PC (Windows or MAC).

We are going to discuss the installation of Dahua DVR software for PC free download and the configuration. The method is very simple for windows but has some trick for the installation in MAC. Ones the installation process is done the we will come to the configuration of the device to watch your CCTV camera on the Dahua DVR software for PC free download. This software is also working for the NVR and for the IP cameras of Dahua. You need to follow some steps below to get your cameras on your computer screen.

Here you can get Dahua DVR software for PC free download. The software is also available for MAC PC also so download as per your need. You need to click on the given link below according to your desire means for windows or for the MAC operating system.

After downloading the software on your computer, lets come to the next step. The downloaded file is in a compressed format so we need to extract the setup. For windows right click on the downloaded file then extract the file on your desired location and for the mac just open the file. Now move to the first step for the Dahua DVR software for PC free download.

Installing the Dahua DVR Software


Just double click on the extracted file and setup will ask you for the permission for the installation. Click on the “yes” button and setup is about to install. After showing the first screen you have to click some options. First one is for the language, choose a language for that. In my case I choose English. The second one is for accepting the agreement tick on the that and the last one is the next button to move the next screen for the installation process for Dahua DVR software for PC free download.


Nvr software download, free

After click the next button you will get the screen like below. Here are the two options. The first one is for the actual setup Dahua dvr software for PC free download and the second one is for the storage server means if you want to make your PC as a recording server then you should choose that option otherwise uptick that option.


Now come with the new screen asking for the installation path means in which folder you want to install this software on your computer. Just select a path for that if you want otherwise leave as default. The second option is for creating a shortcut of the software on your desktop screen. After that click on the “Install” button.


This software for PC is about to install on your PC. Just wait for some moments and you will get the Dahua DVR software for PC free download.


After completing the installation process you need to finish the installation process. Click on the run “SmartPSS” and click on the “Finish” button

Configuration of Dahua DVR Software for PC Free Download

After installing the software you will get an icon on your desktop named “SmartPSS“. Just double click on that icon and the now follow some step to add your camera on your Dahua DVR software for PC.

STEP 1 #Login

Now its time to choose a password on the screen. Note that password must be strong enough. One more thing please note down the password somewhere in case you forget that.

Then the login screen will come up. Just use your password which is created previously. In the username fill “admin”. Now click on the “Login” button.

Dh Smartpss

The screen will come up as below. Now you need to connect you DVR into the Dahua DVR software for PC free download. Click on the “Devices” then click on the “Add” button as shown in the screen.

STEP 2 # Add Device

Pc Nvr Download Games

In the next screen you need to fill the detail of the DVR/NVR or IP camera as you wish to watch on your PC. After filling the information click on the “Add” button as shown below.

Flir Pc-nvr Download

Now your device is connected to the Dahua DVR software for PC free download. Check the status of the device, it should be green as shown the picture below.

STEP 3 # Check the Device status

Dahua Camera Software Download

Dahua Software For Pc

STEP 4 #Watch the Live View

Now click on the “New” button as go to the “LiveView“.

Now you are able to see your cameras on your computer screen.


This is a very good software to watch your CCTV cameras on your PC. It has many features like device setting, remote Playback, Live monitoring, PTZ control, change the device addresses and so on. This is the free software provided by the Dahua Technology. Enjoy Dahua DVR software for PC free download on your PC.

Dahua Smart Pss Mac

So this is all about “Dahua DVR Software For PC Free Download“. We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any query or suggestion regarding the CCTV on your PC please feel free to write us in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting us. Have a great day….

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Dahua Dvr Software Download For Pc Free

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Download and Install iCSee for PC. iCSee is an Android app which monitors IP cams at home or office. Using this application you are allowed to view live streaming of CCTV cameras. All of its operations perform its functions with the help of the internet connection. It is absolutely free to download. No hidden charges or fee is required to use the app. Just like Android Smartphones, you can also download iCSee on Windows and Mac OS. Here in this guide, we will tell you how to download iCSee on PC and Laptop. But first, let’s have an overview of the app.

iCSee App Overview

iCSee is a monitoring security software. It works with front-end devices like DVR, NVR, WiFi Cameras, doorbell, door lock, etc. iCSee easily access the device with cloud ID. So you can easily preview and control live video. Besides live streaming, it records cam videos with playback facility. You can access video history anytime. Saved videos become helpful when you have missed live footage.

Key Feature of iCSee for Windows PC

  • Live view of cam on the big PC screen in HD quality.
  • Works on WiFi and Public Hotspots.
  • Supports Audio Talkback same as Intercom.
  • Monitor multiple security cam with a single app.
  • Notify immediately if it records anything abnormal in the video.
  • Support for PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control.

How to Configure Camera with iCSee App

The configuration procedure for iCSee App is very simple. For live surveillance of CCTV cameras, you need to connect them with the app. First, log in the app by entering the cloud ID. After that click on the option of Add a device or click +(plus) icon. Enter details such as Port number, Domain, IP address of the cam. After adding details you can see live video of the cam in HD quality.

Download iCSee for PC and Laptop

What is Android Emulator? It is a third-party software designed for Windows and Mac devices to run Android Apps and Games on PC. To download iCSee for PC you have to download and install Android Emulator first. The procedure of downloading Android Emulator on PC is absolutely the same. You can install it on PC just like other PC software. Not just iCSee for PC, in fact, you can run any Android App or Game on PC. Below you can see instructions to install iCSee for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and iCSee for Mac Operating System.

Install iCSee for Windows 7, 8, 10

  • First, Download Android Emulator (Nox App Player) on PC.
  • Install Nox Emulator just like other PC software.
  • Once it gets installed, Run Nox on PC.
  • From the main screen, click on the Google Folder and select PlayStore.
  • Enter your existing or new Google Account to activate Google Services.
  • After entering the Google Account you will see the main interface of PlayStore.
  • Search iCSee in PlayStore.
  • Select iCSee App from searched results.
  • Click on the Install button and wait until it gets installed.

After complete installation of iCSee for PC you can use iCSee for Windows 7, 8, 10 just like Android device.

Install iCSee for Mac Operating System

  • Download and Install BlueStacks on Mac.
  • Run BlueStacks Emulator.
  • It will ask for some details for its activation. Enter Language, Date/Time, WiFi, Google Account.
  • After entering the details you will be redirected to the main screen of BlueStacks.
  • From the main screen click on My Apps Tab.
  • Open System Apps and then select Google PlayStore.
  • After seeing PlayStore Interface. Search iCSee in it.
  • Select iCSee App and hit the Install button.

It will not start installing iCSee for PC. After installation, monitor IP cam of home and office through Mac same as your Android Smartphone or Tablet.


How do I reset my iCSee camera?

A reset usually requires when the camera is not working properly. To reset the iCSee camera, use a pin or thin needle. The reset button for the camera is located at the upper side of the QR code. Keep holding the button until you see the yellow light. After seeing yellow light you will hear the voice “Reset is successful”.

Pc Nvr Download

Nvr Downloads For Pc

What is iCSee?

Best Nvr Software

iCSee is software designed of the management of iCSee security cams. With the help of internet connection, you can see HD view of cam on your Android, Windows and Mac devices. The procedure of connecting the cam with the app is very simple. Log in with your Cloud ID and then scan the QR code. That’s it. The IP camera is successfully connected to the app.

How can I Download iCSee on my Laptop?

If you want to download or use iCSee on your Laptop then download and install an Android Emulator. By using Android Emulator on Laptop you can easily download iCSee for PC. Not just iCSee app, in fact, you can play or use any Android Game or App on your Laptop.