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  1. Download Private Photo Vault App 1.0 for iPhone & iPad free online at AppPure. Get Private Photo Vault for iOS latest version. Save all your privates pictures with a Pin Code and Touch ID or Face ID.
  2. Calculator+ Vault for photo is a photo hide app that lets you hide your pictures, Calculator+ Vault for photo looks like a beautiful calculator, and works very well, but have a secret photo vault behind it. All hide photos will be encrypted, uninstall the app will not delete the password, or remove the photos. Calculator+ Vault for photo Features.

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The best photo vault app: Our Smartphone has gone from being a device to call and receive calls or to send and receive SMS to be the device that concentrates everything. Our personal data, bank details, email accounts, Facebook and other social networks, friends’ phones, family and your boss, and all our photos and videos.

The Best Photo Vault App to Hide Photos

Today we are going to focus precisely on this, on the photos and videos and the best photo vault app that we can use to hide them. And is that, how many times do we leave the phone to show a photo and when you take it you start to see the next ones? What if you have private photos? As people do not care, but you do not, we bring you a series of the best photo vault app to hide photos and videos on Android. Protect your privacy now!

1. Hide photos and videos in the Google Photos App

If your mobile device is Android, you may have the Google Photos App already pre-installed. A neat feature of this app is syncing your content with the cloud, but this is not enough to hide intimate or private photos and videos.

So you can use the “Archive” function to prevent them from being visible in the main panel of the application, without having to delete them from the library. To hide them, you just have to click on the three dots, which appear at the top of the image and select “Archive.”

You can create a file category based on your choice, but photos will still appear in albums and can be found using the search option. But if this function does not offer you enough security to hide your photos and videos, maybe you should consider using a specialized App like the ones we present below.

2. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is one of the best photo vault app to hide or hide photos and videos on your iPad, iPhone, iPod. And if not, ask the more than five million users who use it.

It is framed within the top 100 photography apps in a number of countries such as the United States, Japan, Ireland, France, or Mexico, among many others.


It allows you to block your most private photos in the gallery with a PIN code or by unlocking pattern. Be that as it may, they will remain hidden from prying eyes. And not only that, you can hide entire photo albums with a password.

And if someone tries to access your secret photos and makes a mistake, they will automatically take a photo with the front camera that will be sent to your email along with the GPS location of the intruder.

3. Vault-Hide SMS-photos-videos, block apps

Vault is one of the best photo vault app designed by KeepSafe (the team has an Android version). This company is focused on giving us privacy and hiding photos and videos from our iPhone and iPad (although, of course, it also works for iPod).

You only have to export the photos you want to hide from the gallery to the program, and only you or whoever knows your PIN number will be able to access it. As simple as that. Also, you can take the photos from the same application, and they will be hidden and secret until you want, without having to export or anything.

Perfect for your most intimate photos! You can use it for free, and you have a premium version to store up to 5000 items in the cloud. Excellent, without a doubt.

If you are looking for an application to save private photos, you can try the functions that Vault offers. In addition to the main functions to keep photos and videos secret, with this App, you can also protect the contents of text messages.

In the same way, with this application, it is possible to protect contacts, call log, block applications, and backup information in the cloud. If you want to download the Vault App to hide photos and videos and much more information,

4. KYMS, a fake calculator with a trick

Yes, just as you read it. KYMS has the appearance of a calculator app, the least attractive of any smartphone, don’t you think?

Thanks to this, the images in your gallery will be more protected than ever. And not only photos, but this tool also allows you to hide videos, documents, passwords, and any type of multimedia content. And all this with high-security systems (AES encryption, used by the military).

The program decrypts codes in real-time, and also includes a fun photo editor for you to personalize to your liking and in private. The videos are decrypted at the same time and parallel to their display (in the background) and support both common and other formats, such as FLV, WMV or MKV. One of the most powerful and effective systems to protect the mobile.


5. KeepSafe

Before we were talking about Vault because of the same creators, we have a very similar but not identical application that is named after the authors themselves: KeepSafe.

KeepSafe is one of those apps to protect our mobile and increase the privacy of our photos and videos effectively and simply. It gives us multiple options for Android photoprotection, such as using a secret PIN for images, viewing videos and photos in full screen, or taking photos from KeepSafe itself – so that they hide in hidden mode automatically. Without a doubt, highly recommended!

6. Lock (AppLock) to hide photos and videos

With this best photo vault app, you can hide photos and videos using your fingerprint, on devices with Android 6.0 or higher operating system.

According to its developers, this application is available in 45 languages. With it, in addition to hiding photos and videos, you can block SMS messages, contacts, and applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and many more.

To see the images, you protect with this App. You must choose a PIN, with which you will keep intruders away. Therefore if someone borrows your cell phone, they will not have access to any of your photos or videos classified as private. Also, you can program the best photo vault app to activate the lock after a certain time, or when the mobile device is in a certain position.

Additionally, you can hide the AppLock icon for total discretion, which prevents the uninstallation of this App. And as if that were not enough, the application saves battery and has a low memory consumption, which is very good when choosing an excellent App to hide photos and videos.

7. Photo box, to encrypt!

If what you want is to hide gallery photos privately and discreetly on Android, The best applications in this regard. We could say that it works like a locked cabinet; the only thing that instead of a key, you have a four-number password.

Also, it is not only dedicated to hiding the photos in a hidden place of our Android phone. The program encrypts the photographs using AES code, which, as we have already commented before, is the one used in the military world. That is, even if your SD card is stolen and the photos are copied, whoever stole it will not be able to see those that we have hidden.

Free photo vault download for pc

Although this sounds complicated, its use is most intuitive and simple thanks to its clean interface. It is free, being able to purchase the premium version if we want more options.

8. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide private photos and videos

With the Keepsafe Photo Vault application, you can hide images and videos that are part of your privacy.

There are already more than 50 million users who have downloaded this application to protect their images and enjoy other functions such as:

Photo Vault App Download

  • Backup and hide SMS.
  • Protect call and contact records.
  • Block other applications.
  • Browse privately.
  • Make backups in the cloud.
  • Transfer data.

Also, it allows you to receive alerts when someone tries to enter to see your hidden photos, and it will take a photo of the snooper so you can take care of him or her.

If you like all these functions and want to try this app to hide photos and videos

9. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault has a very simple but pleasant design and will allow you to encrypt the files you want to increase your security. Also, you can hide its icon to avoid all kinds of suspicions.

The application allows transferring the photos and encrypted files to the SD card so that it does not take up space on the mobile phone – a feature that gives it points of advantage over its competitors. There is no file limit in its free version, something that our pockets will always appreciate.

Gallery Vault also warns us if someone has tried to access our hidden photos on our Android, alerting us by email. And you can have a fake PIN to show fake photos in case someone requires you to see your secret photos. Has it all!

Microsoft photo vault

10. Calc Vault-Photo, video locker, Safe Browser, Applock

With the Vault Calculator application, you can hide the images you don’t want to have in plain sight and keep them in complete privacy.

It has a secure income through a secret key, other characteristics that differentiate this application from the others are:

Private photo vault pro free download ios
  • Pretend to be a useful and practical calculator.
  • It allows you to safely browse the Internet and download images safely.
  • You can create a fake image vault.
  • Locking the application by placing the phone face down, for maximum discretion.
  • Take a selfie in case someone tries to enter without authorization.
  • Prevents unauthorized uninstallation of the application
  • PIN change easily and quickly.

To obtain this application, enter the Play Store.

Extra Trick: How to Hide Multimedia Files and Folders Without Installing App?

After viewing our selection, we want to show you something else. If you prefer not to download or install any of the above applications or programs, you can choose another trick. It is only available for Android mobiles, but it is very easy to do. We explain it step by step:

  • First, you have to go to the folder where you have the files and your photo gallery.
  • So, you need to create a file named .nomedia.
  • From now on, everything you have in that folder will be hidden from the rest of the apps you have on your Smartphone. In other words, if you have a program to view image galleries, no file will be in that folder. Isn’t that great? So there is no danger when you are showing it to someone or if the device is taken by surprise. Only you can see them because you already know the trick.

What if I Want to Do It With a Whole Folder?

Photo Vault For Pc Free Download

Another option would be to do the same by creating a special folder to store everything you don’t want them to see. To do this, you must create a folder where you want and rename it. Now, you just have to put a dot in front of the name you want.

For example, if you create a folder with the name “Private,” you would have to rename it to. “Private,” and you will have everything inside protected.


Photo Vault For Windows 10

To be able to access later, you will have to activate the option to show Hidden Files in your manager or browser.


And with these best photo vault app, we hope you find one that suits you, and you can save your private photos on your Android or iPhone. Remember that it is a good thing for our privacy (just like the apps to block applications), and so we will not suffer if we leave our phone to someone to teach something in particular: our secrets are safe. Share with us your experiences with hidden photos (or they should have been)!