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  • Sphax Purebdcraft 1.7 10 Download R Bukkit 1 7 10 Download Mojang; WORKS FOR MAC AND PC - visit for links to all the files and thanks to BDCRAFT.NET for making the sexiness!How t. WORKS FOR MAC AND PC - visit for links to all the files and thanks to BDCRAFT.NET for making the sexiness!How t. VanillaBDcraft is a variation of PureBDcraft.
  • PureBDcraft HD Comic textures in 256x, 128x, 64x and 32x + exclusive HD UI! Transform your Minecraft world into a comic book with the unique BDcraft cartoon style. Blocks, items, tools and weapons, scary and peaceful mobs are available with cartoony HD textures, full of details and geeky references! From: BDcraft / Sphax.2GB+ of RAM recommended.
  • Minecraft Texture PAck PureBDcraftfor 1.8 / 1.10/1.11.

PureBDcraft is a texturepack that redesigns Minecraft in HD and make it looks like a Comics. Available in all resolutions, it is suitable for all Computers. Try all versions to know which one fits the best your needs and your computer specs. Note: PureBDcraft is a ResourcePack and must be put in 'resourcepacks' folder.

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These compressed archives contain optimized multiple files, pressed into one file. It simplifies receiving and to sending mod files while saving your disk space. Archiving can help with checksums, encryption, file spanning, self-installation, and self-extraction actions. Windows and OsX operating systems use ZIP format, therefore it is the most common type. The second most popular sort of archiving format is RAR. Finally, Linux accepts TAR & GZ format while Unix runs only TAR archiving.