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Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Pricing Model: Free to Play

Realm Royale is a free-to-playthird-person shooterbattle royale game developed by Heroic Leap Games. The game features multiple character classes each with unique abilities. It is a spin-off of the hero shooter Paladins, where it originated as a game mode known as Paladins: Battlegrounds. The game was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam’s early access program in June 2018, with versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released two months later. A few months after releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Realm Royale entered open beta on both consoles. On May 24, 2019, the game entered closed beta on Nintendo Switch and went into open beta on June 20, 2019.

Can you defeat up to 99 players to claim the Crown Royale in this hit fantasy Battle Royale Download and play FREE now Choose a class. Forge your legend. Choose a class, then loot deadly weapons and powerful abilities to customize your playstyle and dominate the battlefield. Can you defeat up to 99 players to claim the Crown Royale in this hit fantasy Battle Royale Download and play FREE now Choose a class. Forge your legend. Choose a class, then loot deadly weapons and powerful abilities to customize your playstyle and dominate the battlefield. Mixer Icon White. Jan 19, 2021 Realm Royale – Download and System Requirements. Cross-Platform Compatibility with Great Graphics. Support for Multiple Characters with Unique Abilities. Feels Laggy Sometimes. Realm Royale is one of the finest battle royale games which you will ever play. It is free to play a game and easy to set up too. It was first released in the year 2018.

The game plays similarly to other games in the Battle Royale genre, in which 90 players drop down from an airship and must traverse a shrinking safe area, collect equipment such as weapons to fight and eliminate opponents, and aim to be the last remaining player. In the Squad play mode, players are grouped into teams of four against a total of 100 players.

A crafting system allows found items to be broken down for materials to make better items or abilities at fixed locations found on the map, called Forges, which often become contested by many players. Players who have been “knocked down” by other players are transformed into a chicken, and may be transformed back if they manage to survive attackers for a period of time, during which “chickened” players have the option to deal small amounts of damage in the form of short-range melee attacks. The game includes a battle pass, known as the “Primal Awakening” until January 16, 2019, when the second season known as “Steel and Shadow” debuted, that rewards players with character cosmetics. There are four classes, with each class having specific “talents” that can be earned by leveling up.

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Hi-Rez are still currently developing and improving their Latest Arena Royale Game. So if you’ve recently installed Realm Royale on Steam on your Gaming PC but you’re having issues with Realm Royale Not Loading? Then we can help with this troubleshooting guide.

Realm Royale Not Loading?

If you have recently just downloaded and installed Realm Royale but you’re having problems with it running or loading.

This can be incredibly frustrating so we’ve created a troubleshooting guide to help identify the fault. However before we dive into this guide it’s important to contact Hi Rez Studios.

Hi Rez Studios Contact Information.

Why contact Hi Rez Studios you ask? It’s unlikely that the final product of Realm Royale has been released with issues that might cause the game to simply not load. So it’s important you report any faults or issues for feedback.

Once they have this information they will be able to help resolve your issue and maybe issue a patch fix to help others.

Hi Rez Studios are responsible for some of the most energetic and impressive Games available to this day. This Includes Tribes, Smite, Paladins and Much much more. We’re excited for the direction that Realm Royale.

Before you reach out to them ensure that you provide them with details regarding your hardware specifications, description of the not loading fault and more.

If you don’t hear back from them give them time. Alternatively you can contact Hi Rez Studios on their social networks as well as online forum groups.

When Does your Fault Occur?

Identifying when or where your Realm Royale stops loading is one of the first things you can do before troubleshooting the problem and finding a fix. This guide has been created to help troubleshoot the issue and maybe find a common fix that might apply.

Realm Royale Trailers, News, DLC and more…

Games can crash, stall or simply not load when booting the game from the Gaming Client, while loading cut scenes, while loading levels and much more. So it’s important that if your game is not loading – you make a mental note on when.

We will be sure to update this guide overtime with any and all user submitted issues that we find.

These Fixes are PC – Windows 10 Specific. So ensure that you’re running the latest Version of Windows to ensure no version miss matches occur.

Possible Realm Royale Not Loading Solutions.

Realm Royale is not booting when launching.

It can be the most frustrating of things. After waiting for your download to complete you fire up your game and it does not run. You’re either presented with an error or a completely black screen.

Some common issues that may occur is a black screen with audio but no visual display which can indicate various issues or faults.

Realm Royale may not be responding because loading has ceased on your PC, Gaming Rig or Laptop. Follow the following steps to ensure that your PC or Rig is compatible.

1: Does your PC Support Realm Royale?

Most games on Windows will have both a Minimum requirements and Recommended Requirements.

If you don’t meet these requirements with your Gaming rig. You will endure significant issues and errors when running Realm Royale and other games. This may be the reason why your game is not loading.

So it’s highly encouraged to make sure that your PC is compatible with Realm Royale before purchasing it. The Minimum Requirements and Recommended Requirements for Realm Royale are listed below.

Minimum Requirements for Realm Royale
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Recommended Requirements For Realm Royale

If you’re unsure of what your running in your Gaming Rig. Simply visit System Requirements Lab.

This website is incredible for determining what you can or cant do on your PC. It will even suggest upgrades for your PC in order to play additional high-end games.

My PC meets the Requirements!

If your PC matches the requirements for Realm Royale but it is still not running then you may have another fault on your hands. Continue to Troubleshoot with the Steps Below.

2: Downloading the Latest Graphic Drivers for your PC.

Not running Compatible NVIDIA or Radeon Graphics Card Drivers may cause Realm Royale not to load. Read below on how you can grab the latest drivers and fix the issue.

To help improve your chance of fixing your Loading issue it is suggested that you force a Graphics Card Update today if available. If you’re running the latest driver then you can also try a previous driver.

Runningstagnant or old drivers can cause version miss match errors with your hardware. It’s important to delete any old and un-used drivers before continuing.

If you’re Running the correct drivers then move on.

3: Download the Latest Realm Royale Update.

Hi Rez Studios teams will always release patch updates, bug fixes and performance boosts via your gaming client. Regardless of which Gaming Client Realm Royale uses it is likely your PC will attempt to automatically download the latest drivers.

Realm Royale Free 1000 Crows

Ensure that you’re connected to the internet during this process. A poor connection may cause for a corrupt install file, poor patch files and more.

It is likely that if you download the latest Update then you will solve your loading issue. If it does not be sure to move onto the below solutions.

Steam: Not Loading – Stuck “Preparing To Launch”

Sometimes games on Steam can get hung up during playing. If your Realm Royale shows a preparing to launch error which simply goes no where – then luckily enough Steam have a pretty strong guide on what to do if your gaming rig hangs at this point.

Be sure to do the following :

4: Possible Damaged Installation? Try Again!

Realm Royale Download Pc Without Steam

Sometimes downloads or installs can go wrong. This is especially the case if your Rig is shut off or disconnected while downloading or while the installation file is being complete.

To quickly try and fix the issue of Realm Royale not loading then simply delete all your core Realm Royale files. This can be completed on Windows 10 by accessing your Control Panel.

How to Access Control Panel :

1: Search “Remove” in search Menu
2: Click “Add or Remove Programmes”
3: Search for Realm Royale in the list and uninstall.

Once the files have been deleted simply download the game files once again and attempt to re-install.

Realm Royale Game

It’s imperative that your internet connection remains stable and strong during this process. Failure to do this may result in a failed download.

Not always but this fix has been proven to work on more than occasion so be sure to attempt this before you reach out Hi Rez Studios support for more suggestions.

5: Is your Motherboard Compatible with Your Hardware?

Sometimes inconsistencies within the Firmware of your Motherboard may conflict with the foundation of Realm Royale.

So if you’re not running a compatible Motherboard Bios in alignment with your Hardware you may find that your Programmes or Games may not load. If they do you may encounter a variety of bugs or faults.

To do this simply visit your motherboard provider and download the latest drivers available.

Ensure that you make a backup of your Windows 10 while completing this task as if you’re unskilled in dealing with PC equipment you may make matters worse so be careful. Fear not though any permanent damage is very unlikely when dealing with BIOS updates.

6: Close All Other Software.

It’s surprising the impact third party software can have when you’re trying to load games like Realm Royale. If your PC is running sluggish or simply not loading be sure to close any and all un-necessary applications.

Realm royale sign in

It’s good practice to ensure that programmes are not leeching your bandwidth or memory while you’re focused on the singular task. You can do this by cleaning up control panel on Windows 10.

Programmes like Adobe, Movie maker and much more are incredibly intensive on your hardware so ensure they are closed before running Realm Royale.

We have created a performance boost guide which will give you some pretty helpful tips which will allow you to bolster your Gaming Performance.

The Suggestions featured in this guide are more focused on software changes that you can make instead of hardware upgrades.

7: Complete a Fresh Install of Realm Royale to fix Loading Errors.

If you’re still unsure of the reason for fault with Realm Royale not loading. Then you can attempt a fresh install to help resolve the issue. You can do this by simply un-installing your game from the gaming client.

Once the files have been cleared. Restart your PC and then attempt to install once again. This will help identify whether or not the loading issue is a software or hardware fault.

If you’re having difficulties installing then this may indicate that your Hard Drive maybe faulty. We have created the below guide which will help you resolve any issues that you may have with your Hard Disk.


Realm Royale disconnecting While Loading Online.

The Majority of games available on Gaming Clients and Windows 10 also have support for a lot of online features.

This may be true for Realm Royale as more often than not games of this generation come with multiplayer support, online leader boards, online co-op, achievements and much more.

Although the problem with online capability is that you may discover that you’re internet connection maybe causing Realm Royale not to load.

There are a variety of reasons why you would have these issues. Below are some simple fixes for you if you are disconnecting from Realm Royale.

1: Ensure that your Internet connection is stable.

The Majority of online games these days benefit from running broadband and fibre from various companies available within the UK and all other the world.

Realm Royale Download Pc Windows 7

A way to check if your internet connection is strong enough for Realm Royale and other games is to check

If you have detected that your download speed is slow or below the recommend 5MB/s then it maybe time for you to upgrade your internet through your internet provider.

Realm royale download pc no steam

2: Hi Rez Studios Servers maybe Offline.

Some developers schedule downtime for their games and multiplayer servers to patch, update and repair for a better gaming experience. This is no different for Hi Rez Studios.

If you check the Hi Rez Studios website you will identify any downtime that they maybe suffering. In this time it’s important to remain patient until any further updates are released.

Realm royale download pc windows 10

This will also identify if the problem maybe server side and something which is not associated with your copy of Realm Royale or your gaming PC.

User Submitted Not Loading Fixes.

If you have experienced any issues with Realm Royale not loading and fixed it. Then we’d like to hear from you and we will upload your Fix. This will have major benefits for other players.


We’ve had no real issues with Realm Royale not Loading as of yet. Although if you do. The key thing here is to contact Hi Rez Studios and ensure that they know about any and all issues with Realm Royale not loading on your PC.

Realm Royale Trailers, News, DLC and more…

If you have reached out to them and have completed all of the troubleshooting steps then you can check out the below guides which may provide an answer for you. Until then we will be sure to update this guide overtime with any solutions as and when they come.

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