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Sep 02, 2020 A free Bitport account gives you access to 1GB of cloud storage and a 1 torrent download limit per day. You can also stream content anonymously (via HTTP) at the best speeds. You can also stream content anonymously (via HTTP) at the best speeds. Cloud torrenting is the future of file-sharing — instantaneous access to all your media, on all your devices, anywhere in the world. If you’re a fan of simple tools and just want to torrent.

I am sure that a lot of you guys reading this post, download something or the other from torrents regularly. The power of free online torrenting client is going to change your experience with torrents forever. Torrents are one of the best sources to download a lot of big files like movies, games, files, software, and other files easily from the internet. Torrents have solved a lot of problems and give you access to almost everything on the internet. Today we will be discussing Top Free Online Torrent Clients for downloading your torrents online and anonymously on the remote cloud.

One of the biggest issues with torrents is the internet speed. To have a seamless download process, you got to have a very fast download speed. When the file size increases more than toward 3GB, the process becomes quite complicated and slow. You sometimes have to wait for days for your download to complete whereas usually, people do not have that kind of time.

There are many ways to speed up the download process from torrents and the best among these is an online torrenting client. What the online torrenting clients do is that they become a bridge between you and a torrent service like BitTorrent or uTorrent. This increases the speed of a download tremendously and you can multiply the speed to seconds.

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In some cases, people have even been able to download their files twice as faster using the clients. We would like to talk about a few of the services which are available for free.

The free online torrenting clients that we will be discussing can be accessed online and you do not have to download particular software which usually takes a lot of time.


Bitport is among the best free online torrenting client. They are one of the safest online torrenting clients as they use SSL service which provides you protection from all kinds of problems online. Also, they make sure that all your online activities are not detected and you can download your files easily.

The free version of Bitport can help you download any file size up to 2GB. We would encourage you to try bitport and you will see a huge jump in the download speed of your files.

Torrent cloud download free for mac


Offcloud is another great service provided by a great company. You can use their service and increase your download speed tremendously. They have a safe service and make sure that your online activities are not detected.

All your download history will remain anonymous and you can access all the files easily. They have a very user-friendly interface and you can follow easy steps given by them to download all the files.


Filesloop also offers a great service for its customers. They offer both free and premium accounts. You can choose any package among the various packages that they offer. Downloads by files loop are done at a very efficient speed and you can manage all your data easily. They have a safe service and provide excellent support for their customers.


Filestream is one of the leaders in online torrenting clients. They offer their services at competitive speeds. You can also choose the option to download files around 1gbps also. They have a great support team and also have secured connections and make sure to hide the identity of the users.

You can basically download all the files without facing any problem. You can select individual files and other options that they provide like live streaming. The cost of the platform is totally justified and you must give this platform a preference.

You can choose any of the options listed above and increase the speed of your download easily. We would also like you to comment on your experience below and also tell us about your favorite online torrenting client.

There has been lot happening in the torrent scene in the last few months. With the (brief) closure of PirateBay, the shutdown of a popular TV show aggregator, and more ISP’s around the world being ordered to block anything related to torrents, downloading through torrents is scrutinized and often associated with piracy. If you are lucky your ISP may not have blocked torrents, but it may throttle the speed to a point where you might give up using them. This is bad news for the honest-torrent-user (yes they exist!!). For these folks and others who are behind a college or workplace firewall, cloud torrent is the alternative way.

Cloud Torrent, while not a new concept, is becoming popular due to the above reasons and today there are many websites which provide this service. So let’s take a look at the top 5.

Cool Tip: Want to download torrents on your mobile? Make sure you choose the right client.

1. ZbigZ

If you want a simple cloud torrent service, look no further than zbigz. The speed is good and fetching a torrent is just a two-step process. A free account gives you 1 GB space and limits your download speed to 150 kbps. Switching to Premium will give you unlimited cloud storage, file availability, and download speed. The best part though is that you can use the service without even registering. Yes, for the price, it lacks some features, but the unlimited cloud storage feature is not offered by any other service mentioned here.


Filestream is actually a service for downloading from various file sharing sites like, and many others. But it also offers cloud torrent service as a part of its free account. You are limited to a 1 GB size though. It has an Android app and you can stream any videos through VLC web player. One nice feature is that it allows you to select individual files from torrents, a feature not offered even by some other paid services. Other than that, a Premium account will not only lift the storage limit but will also allow you to download from many other file sharing sites.

3. has the most features and the best interface of all. It doesn’t offer a free account but you can try the service for a mere $0.99 for one day. Going premium will get you a generous 100 GB storage space, SSL encryption, and 10 torrent slots. And oh, the extra features! It supports Roku, Boxee, XBMC, Jolicloud, OpenSubtitles and FTP access. Love Podcast? Just give the RSS feed and it will monitor and download new podcasts automatically. And this is not just limited to podcasts. Finally, you can also directly fetch videos from a number of video sites such as Youtube, Vine, Vimeo etc.


This is another cloud torrent service which has simple and intuitive UI and plenty of streaming options. You can stream files in the web browser of any PC or mobile device or on your TV as it also supports Apple TV and Chromecast. For the privacy concerned, premium accounts are SSL protected and your downloaded files are checked by the built-in NOD32 anti-virus, a feature only offered by Bitport. It offers a free account with 2 GB cloud storage but a limitation of 100 Mb/hour transfer. This means Bitport will take 10 hours to fetch a 1 GB torrent.

5. Boxobus

Last but not the least, Boxopus is another service that offers similar features. Its one unique feature is that it also has an option of saving to Google Drive or Box. It doesn’t offer any free accounts and its minimum 7 day plan for $1.49 will net you 30 GB of storage space. The external cloud saving feature means you can download a 30 GB torrent, transfer it to your preferred cloud storage and you are good to go again. No need to wait for the file to download to your device. Similar to others, you can also stream videos using VLC web player.

Did you know: You can use the P2P protocol (behind torrents) to not only download files but also to keep your personal files in sync between your mobile and PC. Here’s how.

So Which is the Best?

I can’t quite crown a winner because all the services offer varied and unique features. might suit a person who lives in iOS ecosystem while an occasional torrent downloader will be happy with ZbigZ. I have made a comparison chart of the features offered by these services, please judge for yourself which is best for you.

Know any other cloud torrent services that I didn’t cover? Share in the comments.

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