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Home / vtiger CRM 5.4.0. Name Modified Size Info Downloads / Week; Parent folder; Core Product: 2014-09-15: 14. Add-ons: 2012-04-20: 3. Totals: 2 Items: 17: Other Useful Business Software. Remote Support That Just Works. Remote support software solutions for anywhere, anytime, any device. Offer remote support that's fast, secure, and loved.

Vtiger Crm Jumpbox free download - Vtiger CRM for iPad, tenea vtiger CRM, tenea vtiger CRM (iPad edition), and many more programs. April 2020 in Vtiger CRM 7.2.0. Where can I get instructions to install on Windows 10? Thanks for your help. Sign In or Register to comment. Vtiger Cloud CRM V9 has a blazing fast UI and enhanced capabilities powered by the Calculus AI engine - all designed to help you work better. With a brand new mobile app and integrations to over 500 business applications, Vtiger works where you are. Powering 300,000+ Businesses globally. In the following lines, we will mention examples of CRM open-source software: 1- Vtiger CRM. Vtiger CRM has a unique feed to deliver your messages via SMS, WhatsApp, IMS, email, PDFs on demand, videos, etc. Speed up prescriptions. Every visit to the doctor with an MRI should help speed up prescriptions.

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    if your computer is running windows, then you could install xampp ( <!-- m --><a href='http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html'>http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html</a><!-- m --> ) on your computer and then run vtiger locally on your computer... is that what you mean?
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    hi jsherk
    thanks for your comment, but what i need is a way to run vtiger in an offline mode, disconnected from the online database.
    i have seen links to two iphone clients for vtiger offline.
    my preference is for a notebook style database rather than a mobile, however the mobile could run in online and offline unconnected mode.
    i could however build a mobile database in handbase and run it on a mobile, populating the database from vtiger.
    thoughts anyone?
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    hi bernard,
    did you ever found anything to work offline , i am actually evaluating vtiger and i would need an offline database as well.
    the only thing i found is something from vtiger-enterprise, but i am not usre if they are related to vtiger
    let me know if you figured out something,
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    if not too big, you could use the replication feature of mysql to keep an up to date secondary database on a notebook.
    if you are the only one using it, both could be master and update each other.
    but concurrent write accesses could confuse vtiger's internal id's (whereas mysql id' can be made tolerant of this, i read somewhere).
    otherwise, the secondary db would only be for read access.
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    thanks for your replies guys.
    what is the link for. is it an offline client for vtiger?
    i currenlty don't have any database , i am evaluating the different version. we currently using act! . but it's not working the way we want it, and i have sales people all around the country , so i really need something to be offline. or a type of synchronization with about 15 users.
    thanks again,
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    nevermind carloz , i just saw the pdf file.
    have you use it? and is it reliable ?
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    hi vtigers,
    thanks for posting, i read the pdf as taverny has.
    has anyone implemented this? if so how does it work in your environment?
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    hi all
    is it possible to work offline (with vtoffline-carloz files) for more than one user in the same time and after that go back online and sinchronize the data for all users?
    if one user delete some accounts, and the second add contacts to the deleted account, what will be the online state?
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    we are looking for this solution too.
    does anyone got success installing this offline module?
    there are few details at pdf. we have vtiger 5.1.0 rc already installed and running. but we need the offline module running to be aprove the vtiger solution as our crm tool.
    we can pay for help, detailed manual or something like this.
    i´m sorry if i´m posting this reply at incorrect forum.
    best regard
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    hi guys ,
    i am back in this project again. i am trying to install the ofline client but i am not really sure how to do it. i try to follow the pdf but after installing the gears, i am not sure where to drop the package.also do i need to install vtiger on each of my user to download the database?
    thanks for any help
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    is there a way to also read from the database when it is offline. not just create new items to be added when offline. it would be nice to also be able to edit and have the edits take affect when synced, but that is not as necessary as viewing when offline.
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What is the top 4 open-source software? With the development witnessed in the fields of technology and software around the world, software manufacturers tended to design open-source programs, to open the door for programmers and computer system developers, to develop in these programs for free, to become faster in performance, safer against hackers, stronger in terms of features and suit the needs of users that they provide Open-source software.

In the following lines, we will mention examples of CRM open-source software:

1- Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM has a unique feed to deliver your messages via SMS, WhatsApp, IMS, email, PDFs on demand, videos, etc.

Speed ​​up prescriptions

Every visit to the doctor with an MRI should help speed up prescriptions. But prescriptions are made when your doctor remembers your brand and medication.

How do you make sure to recall between MR visits?

Get doctors, pharmacies, and sellers to download the Vtiger CRM app to stay connected – 24/7, so you can deliver content as drip-feeds!

Performance gain

Mrs are drug company pillars, but the attrition is alarming! Shouldn’t your CRM system enable you to “hire right?” And should a CRM system not set up new employees quickly to reduce the working time?

Just as important, shouldn’t your CRM system helps avoid capital costs on expensive tablets and laptops?

Vtiger CRM encourages Mrs to use their smartphone. Everything your MR requires is provided to your MR via the Vtiger CRM app.

2- Odoo CRM

Odoo is an integrated software system for continuous planning and measurement of enterprise resources (ERP).

It is considered one of the largest ready-to-use software with an adjustable source code, according to the AGPL open source software license.

The odoo program seeks to be one of the largest customer references in the field of accounting software and databases.

With the possibility of adding new functions to the system or modifying easily available functions by activating additional software units or creating new software units,

In addition to the possibility of deploying and exchanging additional software modules between users of the system, which provides additional functionality not available on all platforms.

Odoo also offers programs that suit all types of activities, whether commercial, industrial or service, as well as specialized activities such as managing hospitals and dispensaries, managing schools and educational institutes, car rental, contracting, and other activities.

It always seeks to develop its services in line with the requirements of its clients to make the work environment in companies easier, faster, and more productive. We have different price plans to suit the needs of each client. We strive to achieve the highest quality at the most appropriate price.

3- SuiteCRME

There is a lot of CRM software that enables the company to manage customer relationships easily and smoothly. Today we will present to you a CRM software, which is SuiteCRM.

What distinguishes SuiteCRM is that it is a free and open-source customer relationship management program, so you will be able to manage the relationship with your customers through this program without paying any costs for it, and through this program, you will get all the tasks you need to manage the customer relationship.

Through the program, you can create Accounts for customers. The customer’s account includes all the information about the customer, such as the customer’s contact information: phone number, email, shipping address, country, city, and all personal information about the customer, in addition, to complete information about the customer’s purchases.

In addition to emails, conversations with the customer, and all the information you need about the customer, you can create the accounts you want for your customers, and customer accounts can be accessed by clicking on the Sales tab and then choosing Accounts to show customer accounts.

4- EspoCRME

One of the best customer relationship management software is EspoCRM, which enables you to manage customer databases very well. About 20181 companies distributed in 161 countries around the world use this software to manage customer relationships.

This software is highly reliable by companies and certainly, it is a very effective software In CRM Customer Relationship Management.

This software is a new software that was developed only 731 days ago, as the first version of it was released 731 days ago, about two years ago.

EspoCRM software is suitable for all types of companies and for all corporate departments, such as banks, electronic stores, retail and wholesale stores, call-centers, factories, educational institutions and universities, travel, and tourism companies, airline offices, real estate institutions, health care and hospitals, and insurance And other vital areas that require great care for the customer and managing the relationship with him to maintain him and avoid him turning into competitors.

The EspoCRM program is available in many languages ​​such as English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and other international languages, which enable the user to use the program in his mother tongue.

Features of EspoCRM Relationship Management Software

  • The program is easy to use and does not require much experience to use it.
  • An interactive user interface that provides everything the user needs in managing the relationship with the customer (CRM).
  • Attractive user interface design, comfortable for the user, and easy to use the program.
  • It supports many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems.
  • Sales automation: The number of potential customers is calculated based on the company’s customer base, the opportunities the company has, and the probability of converting potential customers into actual customers.
  • Creating an account for each customer. An account that includes all customer information, creating contact information for each customer, and the ability to link this information with several customer accounts.
  • Create a calendar for customers: identifies important appointments with customers and creates reminders for them such as meetings, phone calls, to-dos.
  • Send invitations to customers to attend conferences and exhibitions, the possibility of integrating this calendar with the Google Calendar application.

Features of open source software

  • The open-source software is easy to use and has simple interfaces suitable for all computer users.
  • These programs work on all computer operating systems and do not require specific operating systems.
  • By modifying the program codes, you can meet all the demands, and this adds to the program a glimpse of perfection and error-free.
  • Often its original owner is not known.
  • It is usually freely available to all users.
  • Open-source programs are very safe programs that do not harm your device at all, but you should be careful and read about the program before downloading it.
  • You do not have to download any crack to run the program.
  • The programs are flexible in modification and completely uncomplicated.

Benefits of having open-source software

  • No matter who a computer software designer or computer programmer is, it is impossible for their software to be suitable for everyone around the world.
  • In the event that the designer provides the program’s work codes to everyone, everyone can achieve their own goals through the program.
  • The fact that the program is of an open-source type opens the door for program designers to modify it, and thus endless ideas appear before the program owner.
  • The developers of these programs are not authorized to publish versions of the program but may use their versions in a limited scope.

Why use Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

You might be wondering why CRM systems are so important. There is very little difference in terms of product features and capabilities between competing products. Many customers now make purchasing decisions based on their experiences with your company.


To deliver a great customer experience (CX), you need a complete view of your customer (and the correct data to compile that view). CRM systems integrate customer data from various sources, including email, websites, physical stores, call centers, mobile sales, and marketing efforts. Marketing and Advertising.

CRM is all about knowing your customers, their needs, your past interactions with them, and what future interactions will look like.

What is the purpose of a customer relationship management (CRM) system?

The goal of CRM is to support strong, productive, and loyal relationships with customers through informed and differentiated customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Why? To improve customer acquisition and retention.

This central idea wraps around your CRM strategy. We can achieve a large part of the goal of customer acquisition and retention by providing experiences that keep your customers coming back to you, and CRM is both a strategy and a tool for achieving those experiences.

What does a CRM system do?

A CRM system collects, correlates, and analyzes all data related to a particular customer’s journey (including customer information, interactions with company representatives, purchases, service requests, assets, and proposals) and then provides an interface that allows users to access that data and understand each touchpoint, It is through this understanding that the foundation for a strong relationship with clients is built.

You can also collect customer data for commission modeling, sales forecasting, zoning, campaign design, product innovation, and other sales, marketing, and service activities, which can help improve customer acquisition and retention efforts and increase revenue.

CRM software and tools help you simplify the customer engagement process, build strong relationships with your customers, build customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales and profits.

What are some examples of OSS?


Mozilla Firefox.

VLC media player.




Apache webserver.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Let’s look at two scenarios from the customer’s point of view:

You need service on a product you purchased from a company you have dealt with before, and you even registered the product. And when you call the customer support line, the customer service agent has no idea who you are or who you bought and when.

You now have to go through the routine process of providing information available to the customer service agent, such as the model or serial number that is difficult to identify or access by customers.

Not only do you have to waste your valuable time providing this information to a company that should have this information, but you also have the feeling that you are not an important customer to the company because it seems that they don’t know anything about you, even though you get the required service, you are seriously looking at Compete the next time you’re thinking of buying from that company.

Vtiger Crm 7

The best open source softwares that would benefit a CRM user.

In the following lines, we will mention the top 4 open source solutions that will help CRM users:

1. TestDisk & PhotoRec

Data retrieval is still cooler, clinical, or more efficient than that. Today TestDisk looks the same as it did when it was first released over twenty years ago, and it is still one of the best tools for recovering entire partitions of lost or deleted data in various formats.

PhotoRec does many of the same tasks but recovers photos and similar digital media.

Both of these tools operate from a command-line interface, which can be a difficult task for those who prefer a more user-friendly interface.

But the file system support here is quite impressive, and once you learn the commands that do what you want, this pair remains one of the most effective options for data recovery.

Where you create a database on the first search, index everything to make it accessible, and then filter the results as you type your search query.

You can add different terms to your searches and display results in thumbnails and so on, but for most searches you can just type in your query as soon as you open the tool, making it moments closer to the Windows search functionality.

2. Studio.io

The best open source software has had years to improve itself, so we made efforts to research some modern tools that have also had similar success. One of our favorites is the LEGO-building program, stud.io.

It’s incredibly intuitive and will give you digital building models of your larger-scale visualizations instantly.

One of its great features is that it can track where you buy all the bricks you used in your virtual model in real life, connect you to the stores that sell them and allow you to order them instantly.

The great open source behemoth of video game emulation, stud.io is an ambitious, almost unfathomably hyped adventure. It contains heaps of emulators for all the most popular consoles such as “cores”, which are adapted to download, update and work within the program. In many cases, the best emulators for that particular console are the cores you’ll find in stud.io.

stud.io is a lot more exciting than any emulator you’ve used before, but you do take some getting used to and see the best too.


What Is Vtiger

With a strong going after all these years, GIMP is establishing itself as the free alternative to Adobe Photoshop you’ll ever need.

Its user interface does not hide its debts to GIMP, and every one of its rich features, such as layers, curve pens, scaling elements, and GIMP, are more or less in terms of those you can find in GIMP.

Vtiger Crm Platforms

As for the designs out there in GIMP, this is probably among the best-kept secrets on the internet. That’s weird because it’s free and open-source! GIMP is a great digital drawing and graphics editing tool that is great for both professionals and those trying to experiment with digital art.

It uses a layer-based system, and despite its complexity, it has a very accessible user interface and puts much less burden on your system, says GIMP.

Vtiger Crm Open Source

In 2021, GIMP was tastefully updated with a new dark theme and the addition of customization with icon sizes that make it easy to customize HiDPI displays.

Most importantly, it now takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology such as multithreading support, high bit depth support, and graphics processing for those with graphic firepower.

4. Dia

Five years isn’t too long in open-source jargon, but in that time Dia has established itself as one of the best free alternatives you can get for the costly Microsoft Visio suite (see our full list here).

The diagramming software is packaged with a variety of native shapes that allow you to create all kinds of diagrams from flowcharts to network architectures.

Dia has been around for a while, but the hard work put into it means that it now looks like the most modern server software around.

Vtiger Crm Download For Windows

Its configuration is very easy and sometimes makes the task easier than creating for its competitors. The way it manages operations means that it can handle a large number of connections at consistently high speeds.

Dia may not have developed much over the past couple of years, but he has such a great package value in any way that it’s hard to hold that against.

Dia doesn’t always say exactly what you’re cleaning up when you check these options on the left, but it does have other conveniences like letting you know when certain cleanups are taking longer. Overall, it is probably the best open-source system cleaner you will find.

Download Icloud For Windows

What is the top 4 open-source software? With the development witnessed in the fields of technology and software around the world, software manufacturers tended to design open-source programs, to open the door for programmers and computer system developers, to develop in these programs for free, to become faster in performance, safer against hackers, stronger in…