Windows Forms Net Core Designer Vsix Package Download

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The Visual Studio.NET Core Report Designer extension allows you to create and design reports, and bind reports to data in.NET Core and.NET apps. This document describes how to use the DevExpress Visual Studio Report Designer in applications that target.NET Core 3.1,.NET 5, and.NET 6. Visual Studio 2019 16.8 or later. Use the WinForms Core Designer installation package (“VSIX”) to create Forms components using ToolBox. Creating First Form- Desktop Application using.NET Core NET Core 3.0 is an open-source version of WinForms and WPF which is bringing Windows desktop development to.NET Core.

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A hack tutorial that enables the use of Windows Forms Designer for .NET Core 3.0 (preview) based Windows Forms apps


As of time of writing, Microsoft and the community are currently testing .NET Core 3.0. If you are reading this article after .NET Core 3.0's general availability, please skip the article. Otherwise, carry on.
In case the video frame doesn't show, please visit this link to watch the full demonstration of this article.

Windows Forms has been the pinnacle of maintaining business/enterprise desktop apps. Despite its archaic mechanics to develop desktop apps, Microsoft was able to recognize the strengths of the battle tested toolkit and decided to move it to the modern .NET Core platform (previously known as .NET Framework.)

So far, they managed to pull things together pretty well with the Windows Forms transition, but are missing some key components for early adopters and one of them happens to be the Windows Forms Designer; a tool built into Microsoft Visual Studio that aims to simplify user interface development. To acknowledge the Windows Forms Designer limitation in .NET Core 3.0 preview, try opening and designing any form/user control file (typically Form1.cs from a newly created project.) Hence, the result of the article's existence. This article will walk you through on how to overcome the limitation of .NET Core 3.0 preview's Windows Forms Designer without having to wait for its general availability.

Software Requirements

In order to follow along with the article, you must have the following components installed on your system:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 - at least version 16.2.0
  2. .NET Core 3.0 preview 7 (as of the time of writing, preview 7 will be used)

Overcome the Limitation

Demonstrating the Problem

Windows forms net core designer vsix package download
  1. Create a new Windows Forms App (.NET Core). If you can't see the entry on the left, use the convenient 'Search for templates' search box and type in 'Windows Forms App (.NET Core)'.
  2. For this project, we will be naming it DotNetCore.WinForms, but you can name it anything you like, make sure to understand the concept and you'll be good to go.
  3. Without making any change yet, try opening Form1.csfile and you should be seeing something like this. Please don't be alarmed, this is normal behavior due to the fact that we are running the preview version of .NET Core 3.0. We will be solving this later on.

At this point, you start to get the feeling that you can't do any sort of user interface design under .NET Core 3.0 preview.

The Solution

To get around the limitation, we can use an approach where we can indirectly tap into the design of the .NET Core project by creating an additional Windows Forms project based on the fully functional .NET Framework. Please proceed till the end.

  1. Right click on the solution name and create a new solution folder with the name _TemporaryFixup.
  2. Under the _TemporaryFixup solution folder, create a new Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) project. If you can't see the entry on the left, use the convenient 'Search for templates' search box and type in 'Windows Forms App (.NET Framework)'.
  3. For this project, we will be naming it DotNetFramework.WinForms, but you can name it anything you like.
  4. Delete the Form1.csfile.
  5. Right click on the DotNetFramework.WinForms project and click Properties.
  6. Change the default namespace to match the same as the .NET Core project; in our case, we will set it to DotNetCore.WinForms (will be explained in a few)
  7. Create a new form and name it to anything you like.

Now, let's modify Program.cs file in the DotNetFramework.WinForms project with the following:

Copy Code

Since we are focusing on developing our app on the .NET Core platform, we won't be needing to show any dialog from the .NET Framework counterpart. We'd rather *reflect* only the user interface design parts of the .NET Framework project to the .NET Core project. Which pretty much explains why we changed the default namespace to the .NET Framework project earlier, remember?

Make sure to modify SourceProjectDir variable to hold your .NET Framework project directory and the TargetProjectDir variable to hold the .NET Core project directory.

Next, we want to call out the .NET Framework executable everytime we want to build and run our .NET Core project. Before we move any further, build the entire solution first. Second, right click on the .NET Framework project and click on Properties, then choose Build Events from the tab on the left. On 'Pre-build event command line' field, paste the following:

Copy Code

Finally, you can start designing your user interface elements from the .NET Framework project and reflect your changes to the .NET Core project automagically by hitting Ctrl+Shift+B and then run!

Using the Code

The provided code above is essentially a reflector. It reflects only the form files of the .NET Framework project to the .NET Core project. You may modify the code with no limits to make it do what you intend it to do.

Points of Interest

The convenience of the Windows Forms Designer has been brought back. Whether you're planning to start fresh with Windows Forms under .NET Core or migrating your existing traditional .NET Framework based project, you can now easily proceed doing so without having to wait for .NET Core 3.0's general availability.


  • Version 1.0 - Initial commit
  • Version 1.0.1 - Added YouTube video link for demonstration
Windows Forms Net Core Designer Vsix Package Download

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Windows Forms .net Core Designer Vsix Package Download

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Windows forms net core designer vsix package download

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Windows Forms Net Core Designer Vsix Package Download Windows 10

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Windows Forms Net Core Designer Vsix Package Download

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Windows Forms Net Core Designer Vsix Package Download Windows 10

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